International Pathways Collaborative Symposium

International Pathways Collaborative

The International Pathways Collaborative was formed in 2013 by a group of scholars who research education and education-to-work pathways policies and programs in different regions of the world. It has a particular focus on ‘higher vocational education’ or ‘higher technical education’. The Pathways Collaborative seeks to bring together researchers to provide insights for future research and policy, drawing on knowledge and experience across different countries.

Goals of the Collaborative include:

  • expanding knowledge about pathways policies and programs;
  • encouraging dialogue among researchers, policy analysts, and policymakers; and
  • promoting research to ensure pathways result in equitable outcomes for all populations of learners.

4th International Pathways Symposium

The Pathways Collaborative hold Symposia to provide researchers with the opportunity to share their research, and to explore potential opportunities for research. We have held three symposia, and the 4th International Symposium will be held to coincide with the European Educational Research Association’s 2018 conference, to be held in Bolzano, Italy, starting 3 September 2018.

We are inviting researchers to submit an expression of interest to participate in our 4th International Symposium in Bolzano from 2 – 6pm on Monday 3 September 2018. The key theme for the colloquium will be ‘Theorising pathways through and to education and work’. Enquiries may be directed to Ann-Marie BathmakerGavin MoodieKevin Orr or Leesa Wheelahan.

Previous Symposia

The 1st International Pathways Collaborative Symposium was held 2015 in Chicago, hosted by Professor Debra Bragg from University of Illinois’ Office of Community College Research and Leadership. Its title was Exploring International Perspectives on Educational Pathways: How Does Policy Affect Equity in relation to Opportunities for Progression and Social Mobility?

The 2nd International Pathways Collaborative Symposium was held in 2016 in Washington DC and hosted by New America and by the University of Illinois’ Office of Community College Research and Leadership. Its title was Pathways, Transition and Social Mobility, and it was attended by a large number of policy makers and practitioners.

The 3rd International Pathways Collaborative Symposium was held in 2017 and was held at Worcester College Oxford, and was hosted by the Journal of Vocational Education and Training in advance of its International Conference Researching Vocational Education and Training. It was entitled: Higher vocational education, pathways and social inequality: implications for research and policy.