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13 OISE researchers receive SSHRC Insight Grants 

Congratulations to all 13 OISE researchers who received 12 SSHRC Insight Grants for 2018.
"I am quite pleased that the results of this year's SSHRC Insight Grant competition will seed crucial new research," said Michele Peterson-Badali, Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation. "Applicants from OISE had a stellar success rate this year of 67%--20% higher than the national average. This is quite the accomplishment, attesting to the quality, timeliness, and breadth of research at OISE." 
Funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Insight Grants are awarded to both emerging and established scholars for 2-5 year research projects that contribute in significant ways to our knowledge of people, societies, and the global community at large.
This year's recipients will add to our understanding of a rich array of topics, including the United Nations as knowledge producer, the role of private higher education in a global knowledge society, life management among Iranian and Syrian refugees, the challenges of 21st century literacies, and black women's experience in leadership positions in Canadian universities, to name a small sample. 
Congratulations again to:
  • Abigail Bakan
  • Elizabeth Buckner
  • George Dei
  • Michel Ferrari
  • Antoinette Gagne
  • Chloe Hamza
  • Clare Kosnik and Clive Beck
  • Ann Lopez
  • John Portelli
  • Angela Pyle
  • Njoki Wane
  • Stephanie Waterman