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OISE faculty members actively pursue research funding from a variety of different sponsors; in 2018 approximately 90 grant applications were submitted.

Over 62% of OISE faculty members hold funded research projects totalling $17.9M in the total value of all grants.

Success Rates

Insight Grants National Average: 45.3%
OISE success rate 61.4% (2018 competition)

Insight Development Grants National Average: 50.1%    
OISE success rate 72.7% (2019 competition)

Total Value of SSHRC grants (2018) $8.8 Million

The following charts represent the sponsors of funded grants:

Total Grants by Sponsor ($17.9M)

SSHRC Grants by Program ($8.6M)

The largest number of OISE faculty projects are funded by Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, (SSHRC) with most projects funded by SSHRC’s Insight Grant funding stream.