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Recognizing our responsibility to the global community, OISE is committed to engaging in scholarship, teaching, and advocacy to enhance the social, economic, political and cultural well-being of individuals and societies in Canada and around the world.

 Our overarching objective is to increase the quantity, quality, and reach of scholarship, program and policy development, and professional practice that addresses issues of global relevance.

To achieve this objective, we aim to:

  • Enhance internationalized learning experiences of our learning communities.
  • Increase the number of highly qualified international students.
  • Increase the number and diversity of faculty with global expertise.

Over 50% of OISE faculty are actively engaged in research with international partners; over 30% hold international academic fellowships and appointments.

Map of Faculty International Projects

This map includes select ongoing or recent research projects conducted by OISE faculty as Principal or Co-Investigators. Click on the top right hand corner to expand the map and explore individual projects.


Visiting Scholars Funding Program

The objective of the Visiting Scholars Funding Program is to support and encourage scholars to visit OISE to engage with faculty, students and staff, share their research through public talks and lectures, and work with some of the most distinguished education scholars in the country

International Partnerships   

OISE has formal partnerships with 21 institutions in 15 nations. Some partnerships between OISE and other organizations remain informal. Many partnerships, however, are formalized through Letters of Intent, Memoranda of Understanding, contracts, and other forms of agreement.