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VOLUME 34, NOS. 1 + 2: Gender and Education in Mexico/Género y Educación en México


Guest Editors: Karla K. Kral, Sara G. Martínez Covarrubias, and Sara Lourdes Cruz Iturribarría, School of Education, University of Colima, Mexico 


(Note: this issue is now available. Please email RFR if you would like to order a copy.)


  • Feminism, Gender, and Education in the Mexican Context

Karla K. Kral, Sara G. Martínez Covarrubias, and Sara Lourdes Cruz Iturribarría, Guest Editors, University of Colima, Mexico


  • RFR/DRF Special Issue on Gender and Education in Mexico

Magdalena Suárez-Ortega, University of Seville, Spain



  • The Normal School for Women and Liberal Feminism in Mexico City, Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century

​Rosa María González Jiménez


  • Montefalco School for Women: An Opus Dei Institution in Mexico

Virginia Ávila García


  • Between Tolerance and Respect: A Case Study of Gender-Based Violence in a Mexico City Middle School

Alicia Estela Pereda Alfonso


  • The Dynamics of Violence in Primary School

​Antonio Gómez Nashiki and Florentina Preciado Cortés


  • Family, School and the Media: Violence Against Children and Youth in Colima

Celia Cervantes Gutiérrez


  • Access to Elementary Education for Indigenous Girls

Lourdes C. Pacheco Ladrón de Guevara and María del Refugio Navarro Hernández


  • Gender Inequality and School Dropout at the Secondary Level

Josefina Pantoja Palacios


  • Gender Differences in Academic Performance at UNAM

Valeria Millán, E. Atenógenes Villaseñor, Nieves Martínez de la Escalera and Humberto Carrillo


  • Gossip, Sexuality and Hegemonic Masculinity at the Universidad Autónoma Chapingo, Mexico

Verónica Vázquez García and María Eugenia Chávez Arellano


  • Gender Roles in Two Student Federations in Western Mexico

Karla K. Kral, Antonio Gómez Nashiki and Florentina Preciado Cortés





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