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► GRADUATION/CONVOCATION and Ontario Teacher Certification


Graduation/Conferral of Degrees at University of Toronto takes place in November, March, and June.  There is no ceremony in March; degrees are awarded in absentia.

All Master's students at OISE preparing to graduate are required to submit an Application to Graduate form to the OISE Office of the Registrar and Student Services (ORSS) by the following dates: 

  • July 15 - if completing in the Summer Session (November graduation)
  • October 15 - if completing in the Fall Session (March or June graduation)
  • March 15 - if completing in the Winter Session (June graduation)

Receipt of the Application to Graduate is the trigger for the graduation assessment process. If you are a MEd student, approximately four weeks after the application to graduate form submission deadline:

  1. The ORSS will review for required courses, and that all completed courses have grades.
  2. We will calculate your degree fee to see if you will owe a balance upon graduation.
  3. If you are currently enrolled in a Collaborative Specialization, we will check for a letter of completion in your file.
  4. We will mail a letter to you with our assessment - be sure your mailing address is up to date.


Students should notify their collaborative specializations of their intention to graduate.  (Follow the instructions provided on the Collaborative Specialization website, each collaborative has a different process.) Be aware of the deadlines set for our receipt of your final degree requirements.  The deadlines for graduation and the deadlines to avoid assessment of additional fees are often different.

Masters Students should Calculate your Degree Fee to avoid the surprise of being assessed a balance upon graduation.

Delay of graduation is not permitted.  Students must graduate at the ceremony immediately following completion of their degree requirements except in the case of Students who complete their degree requirements by the end of the Fall Session.  Those students may choose to graduate in March (in absentia, no ceremony)  or in June if they wish to attend a ceremony. 

Convocation ceremony information;  time, location, and obtaining tickets  is available from the Office of Convocation.  Information is emailed to students utoronto.ca email address approximately three weeks prior to convocation. Please ensure your address is correct on ACORN. Further information about deadlines is available at Important Dates.   

Name Changes - Students should review their name on ROSI, as this is the name as it will appear on your diploma. Your name on the title page and abstract of your thesis must also be exactly as you are officially registered on ROSI.  If the necessary change(s) are not made by the deadline for name changes set by the Office of Convocation, there is an $80.00 fee to have a new diploma printed.

Outstanding Fees - Students who have outstanding fees will be permitted to attend the convocation ceremony.  However, they will not receive their diploma at the ceremony.  Transcripts and diplomas will not be released until fees have been paid.

Transcripts - Transcripts are not automatically sent upon graduating.  Students are responsible for ordering transcripts through ACORN if they require that a copy be sent anywhere. 

Ontario Teacher Certification OCT - Those completing the Master of Teaching or Master of Arts Child Study in Education should begin the Ontario College of Teachers application process several months before graduation.  At the start of the OCT application process you will be assigned an OCT application number.  Input your six digit OCT application number via PeppeR into “My Practicum Record.”    Make sure to hit SAVE your OCT number in order for it to be processed. The ORSS will collect all of the OCT numbers that have been input into pepper up to Mid-May, and will upload qualifications to the OCT ( in early June) for all who have successfully completed the program and who have no financial arrears.  The upload will only work if you have input your OCT number to PeppeR.
*Your transcript will not say degree conferred until two business days after the actual convocation date.

Graduate Portraits - Spring 2020
The March issue of the School of Graduate Studies, Gradschool e-news will contain photo information as well as dates when the photographers will be on campus.  https://enews.sgs.utoronto.ca/



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