Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... an international tradition of critical studies of work and learning
Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... founded in 1999 at the University of Leeds (UK)...
Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... recognizing the multi-disciplinary character of workplace learning research
Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... maintaining the links between research and practitioners
Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... now the world's longest running international workplace learning research conference
Toronto July 14-16, 2021
... now having visited ten countries across five continents

The 12th International Researching Work & Learning Conference (RWL12) will take place at the University of Toronto on July 14-16, 2021.

The conference aims to bring leading researchers together to explore contributions to theory, policy and practice revolving around our main theme of Work, Learning & Social Change. 

Please explore our conference sub-themes to see the many ways your work can make a contribution.

We, in turn, are exploring the possibility of alternative formats such as virtual presentations for those unable to travel to Toronto. And as we continue to monitor the current global pandemic situation closely we will provide updates when available.

We invite your proposal submissions and hope you will join us at RWL12.