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Additional Qualifications Online Application System

You may use this system to:

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Faculty Profiles


Our faculty complement of nearly 25 members pursue research and teaching through a range of approaches. Our programs are organized through a shared framework that uses fundamental educational problems as its starting point. Our faculty have taken the lead in expanding the conventional boundaries of the fields of humanities and social sciences in education beyond all social influences on schooling. They examine themes such as the social organization of knowledge, the pedagogical effects of state forms and practices, and the comparative influences of international capitalism on access to educational development.

HSSSJE Faculty

Lauren Bialystok
Megan Boler
Eric Bredo
John Portelli
Martin Cannon
Roland Sintos Coloma
Kari Dehli
George JS Dei
Diane Farmer
Monica Heller
Paul Olson
Julia O'Sullivan
Sherene Razack
Tanya Titchkosky
Rinaldo Walcott
Njoki Wane
Terezia Zoric

HSSSJE Lecturers

Limited Term Appointment:

Bradley Rowe
Trish Salah
Miglena Todorova


Christopher O'Shea
Harry Smaller

Professors Emeriti