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Njoki Wane

Njoki Wane
Chair, Social Justice Education
Program Coordinator, Social Justice Education Program

phone: (416) 978-0426

Department: Social Justice Education

Research Overview

Dr. Wane's research interests include gender, colonialism and development; black feminism; indigenous knowledge practices; African immigrant women in Canada; and anti-racism education.

Academic History

Ph.D. University of Toronto, Department of Sociology and Equity Studies (OISE), 1996

M.Ed. University of New Brunswick, Department of Education Foundations, 1989

MscM.OD. United States International University, Department of Business Studies, 1987

B.Ed (Bus Studies). University of Nairobi, Department of Business Studies, 1985

(First Class Honors or Distinction)

Diploma of Kenya Technical Teacher's College, Department of Business Studies, 1981

Education (Passed with Honors or Distinction)

Representative Publications

Wane, Njoki Nathani, 2020. From My Mother’s Back. A Journey from Kenya to Canada. Wolsak Wynn

Wane, Njoki Nathani (ed) 2019. Gender, Democracy and Institutional Development in Africa. Palgrave MacMillan

Wane, Njoki Nathani (ed) 2019. Historical and Contemporary Pan-Africanism and the Quest for African Renaissance. Cambridge Press. UK

Wane, Njoki Nathani & Kimberly Todd (editors) 2018. Decolonial Pegadogies. Examining Sites of Resistance, Resurgence, and Renewal. Palgrave MacMillan

Todorova, M., Wane, N., Benn-John, J. & De Mello, T. (Editors). Spring 2018. “Violence against University Women: International Perspectives,” Canadian Woman Studies Journal, Special Edition.

Wane, N. N. 2014. African Women's Voices on Indigenous Knowledge of Food Processing Practices among Kenyan Rural Women: A Kenyan Perspective; Toronto. University of Toronto Press.

Wane, N. Njoki; Akena F. Adyanga; & IImi, Ahmed: (eds) 2014. Spiritual Discourses in the Academy: A Globalized Indigenous Perspective. Peter Lang Publishers

Wane, Njoki, Jennifer Jagire & Zahra Murad (Editors) 2013. Ruptures: Anti-Colonial & Anti-Racist Feminist Theorizing. Sense Publication. 2013

Wane, Njoki & Erica Neeganagwedin 2013. A Handbook on African Traditional Healing Approaches & Research Practices. Nsemia Publishers. 2013

Wane, Njoki & Larissa Cairncross, 2013. Equity in Practice: Transformational Training Resource. Toronto, Nsemia Publishers

Wane, Njoki, Kempf, Arlo & Simmons, Marlon (editors) 2011. The Politics of Cultural Knowledge. Sense Publication. 2011

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