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Terezia Zoric

Terezia Zoric
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: (416) 978-1158
email: t.zoric@utoronto.ca  

Department: Social Justice Education

Curriculum Vitae


Teaching Overview

Ms. Zoric has taught the following courses at OISE:

Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Part Two, 1 section (2010)
Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Part One, 1 section co-taught with Margrit Eichler (2009)
Actively Educating for Social and Economic Justice, 2 sections (2008-2010)
School and Society, 16 sections (2005-2010)
Managing Conflict in Classrooms and School Workplaces, 1 section (2007)
Teacher Education Seminar, 2 sections (2003-2005)
Individual and Society (Intermediate/Senior), 5 sections (2002-2005)
Politics (Intermediate/Senior), 2 sections, (2000-2004)
History (Intermediate/Senior), 3 sections including two AQ courses (1997-2002)

Representative Publications


Zoric, T.  (2005). Challenging Class Bias. Toronto District School Board and Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) at OISE/UT, 222 pages.

Evans, M., Slodovnik, M., Zoric, T., & Evans, R. (2000). Citizenship: Issues and Action. Prentice-Hall/Pearson Publications, 230 pages.

Bracking, G. & Zoric, T. (1999). Talking Union. Ontario Federation of Labour, 426 pages.


Cornbleth, C., Walcott, R., Ovando, C., & Zoric, T. (2007). “Multicultural Policies and Practices in North America: A Dialogue with the View from England” in Joshee, R. and Johnson, L. (Eds.), Multicultural education policies in Canada and the United States: Symbol and Substance. Seattle: University of Washington Press, pp. 241-247.

Zoric, T., Ast, D., Lang, D., Vamvalis, H., Weber, M., and Wong, M. (2004). “Examining social justice and our human rights: developing the skills of critical inquiry.” in (Eds.) M. Evans & C. Reynolds, Educating for Global Citizenship in a Changing World. Canadian International Development Agency, pp. 40-69.


Zoric, T. & Chen, J. (2009) “Activist Profile,” in Chen, J. and Goodreau, J. (eds.) Educational Activism: Resources for Change. OISE/OSSTF/UNICEF Partnership.

Zoric, T. (2007). “Poverty and Schooling: What Can Educators Do?” All Children Can Succeed: A Focus on Equity of Outcome. The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Web cast. http://easylink.playstream.com/curriculum/March0807Webcast/TereziaZoric.

Zoric, T., charania, g., and Jeffers, K. (2003). “Promoting Equity-Minded Student Leadership” Orbit. Volume 33, No. 3.

Honours and Awards

2003 Teaching Excellence Award, OISE/UT Student Teacherís Union (STU)
1989 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
1988 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
1988 York University Scholarship for Graduate Studies, York University

Professional Activities

Service to the Community:
2006-present Member, Editorial Board, Race, Ethnicity, and Education.
2007-2010 Member, The Grove Community (Alternative) School Steering Committee.
2002-2004 Member, Office for Public Education Steering Committee.

Service to OISE/UT:
2006-present Member, Faculty Council ITE Standing Committee.
2005-present Chair, ITE Educational (Teacher) Activism Conference.
2004-present Member, Faculty Council Equity Standing Committee.
2010 Member, Secondary ITE Search Committee
2008-2009 Member, ITE Technology Committee.
2007-2009 Member, Faculty Council Executive Committee.
2007-2009 Member, Resource Allocation Committee.
2005-2009 Member, TPS Program Coordinators Group.
2005-2009 Member, External Advisory Committee.
2004-2009 Joint Elementary and Secondary School and Society Group Chair.
2004-2009 Member, ITE Program Component Coordinators Group.
2008 Member, TPS PTR (Merit) Committee.
2008 Member, ITE Elementary Secondment (Search) Committee.
2004-2007 Equity Policy Advisor.
2005-2007 Member, Concurrent Teacher Education Program Council.
2005-2007 Member, Bursary Committee.
2005-2007 Member, ITE Secondary Secondments (Search) Committee.
2005-2006 Member/Chair, Teacher Education Working Group on Anti-Racism.
2005-2006 Member, SESE Disability Studies Search Committee.
2005-2006 ITE Equity Infusion Coordinator.
2005-2006 Member, SESE School and Society Lecturer Search Committee.
2005-2006 Member, ITE Elementary Secondments (Search) Committee.
2004-2006 Member, Teacher Education Seminar Group.
2004-2006 Member, Secondary Coordinators Group.
2003-2006 Member, Pre-service Admissions Committee.
2003-2006 Co-Chair, PAC Sub-committee on New Admissions Profile Training.
2003-2006 Member, Equity and Diversity Steering Committee.
2003-2005 Member, OTF/OISE Liaison Committee
2000-2005 Member, Centre for the Study of Education and Work.
2000-2005 Member, Social Education Group.

Service to the University of Toronto:
2008-present Chair, University of Toronto Faculty Association Teaching Stream Committee.
2009-present Member, University of Toronto Faculty Association Joint Librarians Committee.
2008-present Member, University of Toronto Faculty Association Equity Committee.
2008-present Member, University of Toronto Faculty Association SBP (Bargaining) Team.
2007-present Member, University of Toronto Faculty Association Membership Committee.
2006-present Member, University of Toronto Faculty Association Council.
2005-2009 Member, University of Toronto Equity Advisory Board.