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Terezia Zoric

Terezia Zoric
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

phone: (416) 978-1158

Department: Social Justice Education

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching Overview

Terezia Zoric has taught the following courses at OISE:

Environmental (In)justice: race, class, gender, nation
Educational Activism for Social, Economic, and Environmental Justice
Educational Doctorate Practicum in Social Justice Education
Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice Parts One & Two
Major Concepts and Issues in Social Justice Education
Anti-discrimination Education
School and Society
Managing Conflict in Classrooms and School Workplaces
Teacher Education Seminar
Individual and Society (Intermediate/Senior)
Politics (Intermediate/Senior)
History (Intermediate/Senior)

Representative Publications


Zoric, T. (2019). UTFA Instrumental in Securing 3.9% Salary Increase to Remedy Gender-Based Salary Gap for Female Librarians. [online] University of Toronto Faculty Association. Available at: [Accessed 5 Feb. 2020].

Zoric, T. (2019). U of T Admin Announces Inadequate Pay Increase for Tenure Stream Women Only: A Flawed Process. [online] University of Toronto Faculty Association. Available at: [Accessed 5 Feb. 2020].


Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching Working Group (2019) (as a member of the OCUFA SQCT Expert Working Group). Report of the OCUFA Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching Working Group


Zoric, T.  (2005). Challenging Class Bias. Toronto District School Board and Centre for the Study of Education and Work (CSEW) at OISE/UT.

Evans, M., Slodovnik, M., Zoric, T., & Evans, R. (2000). Citizenship: Issues and Action. Prentice-Hall/Pearson Publications.


Zoric, Terezia. "POVERTY AND CLASS BIAS IN SCHOOLS." Poverty, class, and schooling: Global perspectives on economic justice and educational equity (2014): 347.

Cornbleth, C., Walcott, R., Ovando, C., & Zoric, T. (2007). “Multicultural Policies and Practices in North America: A Dialogue with the View from England” in Joshee, R. and Johnson, L. (Eds.), Multicultural education policies in Canada and the United States: Symbol and Substance. Seattle: University of Washington Press, pp. 241-247.

Zoric, T., Ast, D., Lang, D., Vamvalis, H., Weber, M., and Wong, M. (2004). “Examining social justice and our human rights: developing the skills of critical inquiry.” in (Eds.) M. Evans & C. Reynolds, Educating for Global Citizenship in a Changing World. Canadian International Development Agency, pp. 40-69.


Zoric, T. (2014) Teaching for Social Justice Using an Activist Approach. ETFO Voice, 16(4), pp. 32-39. 

Zoric, T. & Chen, J. (2009) “Activist Profile,” in Chen, J. and Goodreau, J. (eds.) Educational Activism: Resources for Change. OISE/OSSTF/UNICEF Partnership.

Zoric, T. (2007). “Poverty and Schooling: What Can Educators Do?” All Children Can Succeed: A Focus on Equity of Outcome. The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat for the Ontario Ministry of Education. Web cast.

Zoric, T., charania, g., and Jeffers, K. (2003). “Promoting Equity-Minded Student Leadership” Orbit. Volume 33, No. 3.


University of Toronto (2006). Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence. (Key contributor.)

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. (2005). Equity and Diversity at OISE/UT. (Key contributor.)

Ministry of Education and Training/Toronto District School Board, (2001). Canadian Politics and Citizenship, Grade 11, Open, (CPC3O) Course Profile. pp.60. (Lead writer—public board.)

Ministry of Education and Training, (2000). The Ontario Curriculum Grades 11 and 12: Canadian and World Studies, 2000. pp. 248 (Lead writer of Canadian Politics and Citizenship, Grade 11, Open; Canadian and World Politics, Grade 12, University Preparation; and lead writer of revised Canada: History, Identity, and Culture, Grade 12, University Preparation.)

Toronto District School Board, (2000) Commitments to Equity Policy Implementation: Anti-racism and Ethnocultural Equity; Anti-sexism and Gender Equity; Anti-Homophobia and Sexual Orientation Equity; Anti-classism and Socio-economic Equity; Equity for Persons With Disabilities. (Project manager and lead writer.)

Ministry of Education and Training, (1999) The Ontario Curriculum Grades 9 and 10: Canadian and World Studies, 1999. pp. 64 (Contributor to all courses; ESL Advisor & Antidiscrimination Advisor.)



Honours and Awards

2003 Teaching Excellence Award, OISE/UT Student Teacher's Union (STU)
1989 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
1988 Ontario Graduate Scholarship
1988 York University Scholarship for Graduate Studies, York University

Professional Activities

Service to the Community:
2006-present Member, Editorial Board, Race, Ethnicity, and Education.
2007-2010 Member, The Grove Community (Alternative) School Steering Committee.
2002-2004 Member, Office for Public Education Steering Committee.

Service to OISE/UT:
2006-present Member, Faculty Council ITE Standing Committee.
2005-present Chair, ITE Educational (Teacher) Activism Conference.
2004-present Member, Faculty Council Equity Standing Committee.
2010 Member, Secondary ITE Search Committee
2008-2009 Member, ITE Technology Committee.
2007-2009 Member, Faculty Council Executive Committee.
2007-2009 Member, Resource Allocation Committee.
2005-2009 Member, TPS Program Coordinators Group.
2005-2009 Member, External Advisory Committee.
2004-2009 Joint Elementary and Secondary School and Society Group Chair.
2004-2009 Member, ITE Program Component Coordinators Group.
2008 Member, TPS PTR (Merit) Committee.
2008 Member, ITE Elementary Secondment (Search) Committee.
2004-2007 Equity Policy Advisor.
2005-2007 Member, Concurrent Teacher Education Program Council.
2005-2007 Member, Bursary Committee.
2005-2007 Member, ITE Secondary Secondments (Search) Committee.
2005-2006 Member/Chair, Teacher Education Working Group on Anti-Racism.
2005-2006 Member, SESE Disability Studies Search Committee.
2005-2006 ITE Equity Infusion Coordinator.
2005-2006 Member, SESE School and Society Lecturer Search Committee.
2005-2006 Member, ITE Elementary Secondments (Search) Committee.
2004-2006 Member, Teacher Education Seminar Group.
2004-2006 Member, Secondary Coordinators Group.
2003-2006 Member, Pre-service Admissions Committee.
2003-2006 Co-Chair, PAC Sub-committee on New Admissions Profile Training.
2003-2006 Member, Equity and Diversity Steering Committee.
2003-2005 Member, OTF/OISE Liaison Committee
2000-2005 Member, Centre for the Study of Education and Work.
2000-2005 Member, Social Education Group.

Other Information

Service to the University of Toronto

University of Toronto Faculty Association Committees:

Vice-President, Salary, Benefits, Pensions, Workload & Chief Negotiator (Signing officer of the Faculty Association), 2019-
Vice-President, Grievances (Signing officer of the Faculty Association), 2016-2019
Member, Pension Negotiating Team, 2017-2019
Chair, Sexual Violence Prevention Committee, 2016-
Member, Pay Equity Working Group, 2016-
Salaries, Benefits, Pensions, Workload (Bargaining) Team, 2008-2011; 2016-
Member, Equity Committee, 2008-2013; 2016-
Chair, Equity Committee, 2013-2016
Member, Executive Committee, 2008-2011; 2012-
Member, Pension Discussion Committee, 2017
Member, Membership Committee, 2007-2017
Member, Special Working Group on LTD, 2012-2017
Member, SJAC Teaching Stream Negotiating Team, 2014-2016
Member, Special Working Group on PTR, 2013-2016
Member, Joint Librarians-Administration Committee, 2009-2010; 2013-2016
Member, University of St. Michael's College Bargaining Committee, 2014-2015
Chair, Teaching Stream Committee, 2008-2010
Member, St. Michael's College Senate, 2010-

Member, University of Toronto Equity Advisory Board, 2005-2009