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Meet some of our current students 


Zuhra Abawi, EdD candidate

Zuhra's research is concerned with the teacher diversity gap and the narrative of equity and inclusive hiring and promotion policies. The EdD in Social Justice Education program has allowed Zuhra to combine her professional and theoretical practices to focus on contemporary social justice issues in the field of education. 


Sharmin Dadani, EdD student

Sharmin is currently undertaking a Doctor in Education. Her research focuses on "Re-imagining Educational Testing in Ontario" and she feels lucky to have two of her greatest passions – teaching and ongoing learning – encompass a large part of her life.


Everton Haye, PhD student

Everton's research interests focus on institutional and historical racism and its impact on Toronto’s black community in general and gay men from the Caribbean in general. His journey started when he attended an information session at OSIE and was introduced to his current advisor, Dr Njoki Wane, who without reservation listened to his research interests, his life’s journey and encouraged him to apply. He now encourages minorities and black men interested in social justice to do the same because of the nurturing learning community within the department. Everton holds an MSc in criminal justice from  Southeastern University in Florida, and a BSc in psychology from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Mark Houghton, EdD student

Mark’s research interests bridge the theoretical and practical, focusing on the ideological discourse that holds youth as troubled, rebellious, and simply a transition towards adulthood. Specifically, Mark looks at the passage from secondary school post-secondary school life/academic/vocational experiences and the cultural and ethical dynamics of training for work. His working theoretical frameworks are rhetorical theory, labour process theory, ideology criticism and emotion/affect theory.


Cristina Jaimungal, PhD student

Anchored in anti-racism and anti-colonial research methodology, Cristina's research interests examine the racial dimensions of English language education and its global operation. Cristina holds a BA with Honours in English and Professional Writing from York University and an MA in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning with a specialization in comparative, international and development education from OISE.


Marie Laing, MA student

Marie's research centres around two-spirit and queer Indigenous people living in Toronto. At SJE, she has found room for herself and her work among a community of scholars working across a wide variety of disciplines.


Stephanie Latty, PhD student

Stephanie's research interests are grounded in critical race theory, anti-racism, Black feminisms and Indigenous feminisms. Stephanie holds a Masters of Social Work from Ryerson University and a Bachelors of Social Work from Laurentian University. Prior to starting the program, Stephanie worked as a frontline social worker and also did equity policy work for a large academic institution.


Kristina Leis, MEd student

"When you study at OISE, you study the diversity of the best education has to offer. You join an elite community of scholars and professors and gain valuable insights and opportunities at every level – personal, professional, and academic. This truly is the place to study education in a socially just and diverse way." 


Emily Moorhouse, MA student

Emily's thesis uses anti-colonial and feminist methodologies to examine how non-white, mixed-race women in Canada understand, negotiate and resist conceptualizations of “mixed race,” exoticism, colonialism and anti-blackness. 


Eric Nay, PhD student

Eric's work at OISE is focused on troubling the figuration of a particular iconic modern architect and how UNESCO policies, as well as current pedagogical practices, support a system of knowledge production using analytical tools situated in social justice education. He is currently a professor at OCADU and an architect. 


Sophia Papstavrous, PhD student

Sophia's doctoral thesis is a genealogy of women’s rights groups in Cyprus. She examines the contributions of Cypriot women’s organizing in frozen conflict post-war peacebuilding. Sophia is based in Cyprus, holding a full-time position as Gender Technical Lead at World Vision International Middle East and Eastern Europe Regional Office. She is also an active member of Women, Peace and Security Network Canada. Follow her research on Twitter @sophipas.


Daniella Robinson, MEd student

Daniella Robinson is a Cree-Italian MEd student in Social Justice Education and completing a collaborative specialization in Sexual Diversity Studies. In this program, Daniella has been able to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a sex therapist whilst working to challenge the white supremacist, colonial educational system. She is currently working with a grassroots Indigenous organization on a project that will make higher learning more accessible to Indigenous students across Ontario. She also acknowledges that OISE resides on stolen Anishinaabe land, and is a colonial institution with its own issues that need to be challenged.


Jacqueline Scott, PhD student

Jacqueline is curious about why Black people are afraid of the woods – and the SJE department is giving her the tools, theories, research methods, and critical thinking skills to find answers. She hopes this research will encourage Black people to go camping, hiking and canoeing.  


Demi Suleyman, PhD student

Demi's research interests span from Environmental Sustainability, Social and Environmental Justice, and Indigenous Knowledge and Philosophy. He is the co-author of three articles on food security and has contributed to one book chapter. Most recently, Demi received The GreenSaver Alastair Fairweather Memorial Award in the Environment. He currently researches Indigenous Ghanaian food systems and environmental sustainability.


Abdurrahman (Abdu) Wahab, PhD candidate

Abdurrahman is interested in issues of social justice, equity, diversity and participation as foundations of democratic education. His research involves the intersection of nationalism and democracy as two distinct, and at many times opposing, paradigms for education in areas of ethnic and national conflicts, with a particular focus on the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.


Andrea Vásquez Jiméneza, MEd student 

Andrea's activism feeds into and off of her academic work. Interests include: unpacking how the term/discourse of "Hispanic" is anti-Black and anti-Indigenous; how this colonial legacy including imposed naming materialize impact in people’s lived experiences; documents resistances in Toronto; highlights new imaginings and responsibilities to resist terms/discourses/[in]actions that [re]perpetuate white supremacy.


Meng Xiao, MEd student

Meng's research focuses on how Chinese neoliberalism is being used as a framework in facilitating the environmental decision-making of the Three Gorges Project, which led to major environmental and social injustice issues. Meng uses social equity approaches, love, and fairness to advocate for social justice in her hometown.