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Student Profiles


HSSSJE is a vibrant place for students.  Currently, there are over 300 students registered in our programs. Our students come from a broad variety of backgrounds and fields. They tell us in their own words why they chose to study with the department and briefly describe their research interests.


Francis Akena AdyangaFrancis Akena Adyanga
PhD. candidate

Francis Akena Adyanga worked as Program Coordinator for Gulu Development Agency (GDA) a Non Profit Community Based Organization (CBO) in Uganda specializing in the provision of Education to children affected by the brunt of the over two decades conflict in northern Uganda. And also as Teaching Assistant at Gulu State University, Uganda.  With a Masters Degree in Education (OISE/UT 2008), Adyanga is now a PhD student at OISE/UT with a dream of becoming a University Professor. His interests are in indigenous knowledge and education in emergencies/civil war areas.




Catherine (Katie) AubrechtCatherine (Katie) Aubrecht
PhD. candidate

Hi, I am a PhD Candidate in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. My doctoral research uses a critical disability studies perspective to question the ordinary and commonplace ways embodied responses to the violence of prevailing discourses of power are assimilated under colonial knowledge regimes. More specifically, I examine the institutional organization of people and places around notions of mental health and illness, questioning how mental health and illness designations are used to silence and subsume complaints against contemporary forms of oppression. I recently published a chapter with my supervisor Tanya Titchkosky, titled, “The Power of Anguish: Re-mapping Mental Diversity with an Anti-Colonial Compass” in the book, Breaching the Colonial Contract: Anti-Colonialism in the US and Canada, edited by Arlo Kempf.



Arlo KempfArlo Kempf
PhD Graduate

Arlo Kempf successfully defended his PhD in 2010 in the Department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, at OISE/UT under the supervision of Dr. George Sefa Dei. He is currently a Banting Postdoctoral fellow at the University of California, Los Angeles, working with Dr. Peter McLaren. His work and research interests include multiculturalism and education, the sociology of race and ethnicity, race and teachers' professional lives, teachers’ work, race and education in comparative perspective, and the sociology of education. Kempf’s recent publications include ‘Colourblind praxis in Havana: Interrogating Cuban teacher discourses of race and racelessness’ (Race and Ethnicity in Education, 2012), Post-Racialism in the Classroom as Anti-Racist Praxis in Cuba (Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies, in press) and The Politics of Cultural Knowledge, co-edited with Njoki Wane and Marlon Simmons (Sense, 2011).

Natalie Kouri-Towe

Natalie Kouri-Towe

PhD. candidate


Natalie Kouri-Towe is a doctoral student is the department of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education and the Collaborative Program in Women and Gender Studies. Her research examines queer anti-war and anti-occupation activism, politics of solidarity, and the construction of terrorist embodiments.  Natalie completed her Master's thesis, titled "War and Pride: 'Out Against the Occupation' and Queer Responses to the 2006 Lebanon War," at McGill University in the department of Communication Studies in 2008.  She is primarily interested in the areas of queer theory, feminist theory, critical race and anti-racism studies, and psychoanalysis.



Rakhat Zholdoshalieva

Rakhat Zholdoshalieva

PhD. student


Rakhat Zholdoshalieva is a doctoral student from the Kyrgyz Republic, Central Asia. Rakhat grew up in the former Soviet Kirgizia and received her schooling during Gorbaechev’s regime and early independent Kyrgyz Republic. Rakhat comes from rural school teachers’ family and grew up extending respect and admiration to the work of educators. She has earned her first degree from Osh State University and was specialized to teach English as a Foreign Language. Later, Rakhat received scholarship from Aga Khan University in Pakistan to do her MEd. She worked as a classroom teacher, teacher educator and educational researcher and consultant in Kyrgyzstan and Pakistan.  Rakhat has contributed book chapters, published journal articles and contributed to teacher manuals and textbooks around the issues of citizenship education, teacher professional development, gendered identities through schooling and educational action research. For her doctoral project, Rakhat Zholdoshalieva is interested to examine schooling in the context of post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan which is undergoing rapid political, social and economic transformations since the disintegration of the former Soviet Union in 1991.