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Forms, Policies and Guidelines 


  • General student forms (course enrolment, add/drop, registration, other program forms)
  • COVID-19 Mentoring Report (SGS Online Forms Portal)

    Please note that, if accessing this form via the SGS Portal following submission, the student role will be identified as "Applicant" and the supervisor role will be identified as "Referee" as the platform for this online form was originally developed for award applications.

    The Dean’s Note regarding this form: Faculty at the University of Toronto have been invited by the School of Graduate Studies to contact their supervisees to identify the challenges they face in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as mitigation strategies they may consider. The purpose of the SGS COVID-19 Mentoring Form is to make sure that all students enrolled in research-based programs and degrees (MA, Ph.D., Ed.D.) have had a chance to connect with their supervisor to discuss the challenges they may be facing in the research in the context of COVID-19, and any mitigation strategies they consider.  It is also intended to allow the Graduate Chairs to develop a meaningful understanding of the breadth and depth of the various impacts of COVID-19 in their academic progress.  Finally, it is intended to document such impacts for each individual student.