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SJE Student Caucus

Executive Team

  • Internal Coordinator:                  Nolan L. Fontaine
  • External Coordinator:                 Nadine Abdel Ghafer
  • Communications Coordinator:   Frezia Sadaat
  • Financial Coordinator:                Ernest Obeng
  • M.A. Representative:                  Hibah Sadat
  • M.Ed. Representative:                TBA
  • PhD Representative:                   Sevgi Arslan
  • EdD Representative:                   Leonard Wandili

Click here to view the SJE Student Caucus Constitution 2020

Voices of SJE Social Media Project

This social media project is inspired by the SJE Student Caucus’ commitment to community-building. The idea behind Voices of SJE is simple: we want to humanize our social media space with voices from our SJE community, and we want to do so in such a way that subverts capitalist, ethnographic consumption of the body by encouraging participants to share critical ideas/thoughts about things that interest and matter to them. Every week/month we will invite people from our community (students, admin, and faculty) to share their voice.

*We will not post any pictures without your expressed consent.