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University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, SMT Centre
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Peruse our faculty members' academic histories, course offerings, professional activities, recent publications, as well as recently funded grants, contracts, and awards:

Larry Bencze
Clare Brett
Rina Cohen
Indigo Esmonde
Wanja Gitari
Gila Hanna
Jim Hewitt
Ron Lancaster
Cathy Marks Krpan
Douglas McDougall
Erminia Pedretti
John Percy
Jim Slotta
John Wallace

Larry Bencze
Associate Professor Emeritus

phone: (416) 978-0079
email: larry.bencze@utoronto.ca  
website: http://www.lbencze.ca/

Curriculum Vitae


Representative Publications


  • Weinstein, M., Pouliot, C., Martins, I., Levinson, R., Carter, L., & Bencze, L. (eds.) (in preparation). Science education, knowledge & social justice: A political project. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Bencze, J.L. (ed.) (2017). Science & technology education promoting wellbeing for individuals, societies & environments. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Bencze, J.L., & Alsop, S. (eds.) (2014). Activist science & technology education. Dordrecht: Springer.
  • Alsop, S., Bencze, L. & Pedretti, E. (eds.) (2005). Analysing exemplary science teaching: Theoretical lenses and a spectrum of possibilities for practice. Buckingham: Open University Press.


  • Bencze, L. (in press). Student-led learning for ‘altruistic’ socio-political actions. In B. Shapiro (Ed.), Actions of their own to learn:  Studies in knowing, acting and being (pp. xx-xx). Rotterdam: Sense. [invited]
  • Bencze, L., Carter, L., & Krstovic, M. (in press). Youth uses of actor network theory undermining societal consumerism. In G. Reis, M.P. Mueller, R.A. Luther, L. Siveres & R. Oliveira (Eds.), Sociocultural perspectives on youth ethical consumerism (pp. xx-xx). Dordrecht: Springer. [invited]
  • Bencze, L., Carter, L., Levinson, R., Martins, I., Pouliot, C., Weinstein, M., & Zouda, M. (in press). EcoJust STEM education mobilized through counter-hegemonic globalization. In H.J. Saltman & A.J. Means (Eds.), Handbook of global education reform (pp. xx-xx). Hoboken: Wiley-Blackwell. [invited]
  • Bencze, L., El Halwany, S., Krstovic, M., Milanovic, M., Phillips-MacNeil, C., & Zouda, M. (in press). Estudantes agindo para resolver danos pessoais, sociais & ambientais ligados à ciência & tecnologia/Students acting to address personal, social & environmental harms linked to science & technology. In N. Nunes-Neto & D.M. Conrado (Eds.), Questões sociocientíficas: fundamentos, propostas de ensino e perspectivas/ Socio-scientific issues in science education (pp. xx-xx). Salvador, Bahia, Brazil: EDUFBA, Editora da Universidade Federal da Bahia. [invited]
  • Bencze, L., Reiss, M., Sharma, A., & Weinstein, M. (in press). STEM education as ‘Trojan horse’: Deconstructed and reinvented for all. In L. Bryan & K. Tobin (Eds.), Thirteen questions in science education (pp. xx-xx). New York: Peter Lang. [invited]


  • Bencze, L., Carter, L., & Krstovic, M. (in press). Students’ actor-network-informed motivation for tackling socioscientific problems. Education Review, .
  • Bencze, L., Carter, L., & Krstovic, M. (in press). Envisaging socio-scientific education for participatory democracies: Intertextuality as an organizing heuristic. Education Review, .
  • Hoeg, D., & Bencze, L. (in press). Rising against a gathering storm: A biopolitical analysis of citizenship in STEM policy. Cultural Studies of Science Education, .
  • Carter, L., Weinstein, M. & Bencze, L. (2017). Editorial: Biopolitics and science education. Cultural Studies of Science Education, . doi.org/10.1007/s1142.
  • Hoeg, D., & Bencze, L. (2017). Values underpinning STEM education in the USA: An analysis of the Next Generation Science Standards. Science Education, 101(2), 278–301.

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