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University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, SMT Centre
University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, SMT Centre
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Our Centre is comprised of a unique group of faculty members, interested in issues surrounding science, mathematics, and technology education.

Larry Bencze
Clare Brett
Rina Cohen
Indigo Esmonde
Wanja Gitari
Gila Hanna
Jim Hewitt
Ron Lancaster
Cathy Marks Krpan
Douglas McDougall
Erminia Pedretti
John Percy
Jim Slotta
John Wallace
Jim Slotta

Research Overview

Dr. Jim Slotta is an Associate Professor with the Department for curriculum, Teaching, and Learning and the Centre for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education at OISE. His research employs technology-enhanced learning environments to investigate cognitive models of learning and instruction. He's developing a new pedagogical model called "Knowledge Community and Inquiry" (KCI), where students in a classroom work together to create a persistent knowledge resource, which then serves as a source of materials and inspiration to subsequent inquiry projects.

Dr. Slotta has been funded under several grants from SSHRC, CFI, and the U.S. National Science Foundation. He strongly advocates the development of open source materials for the learning sciences, and lead the development of the Scalable Architecture for Interactive Learning (SAIL). His research team is currently developing an open source technology framework for smart classroom research called SAIL Smart Space, which will support investigations of a new pedagogical model for knowledge communities and inquiry.

Dr. Slotta is World Technology Award Winner in the category of Education and in 2006 was named a Canada Research Chair in Education and Technology. He writes extensively about the interplay between technology, pedagogy, and community, and has lectured internationally.

Research Grants and Contracts

2010 2013. Co-Principal Investigator: NSF-funded project DRL 1031680. Promoting 21st Century Science: Technology-Enhanced Learning Across Formal and Informal Environments. [U.S. $1.13 Million, with U.S., $305,894 subaward to University of Toronto].
2009 2010. Principal Investigator: A role for a technology community within a research field. Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP). SSHRC and University of Toronto funded Project #141678 [U.S. $50,000].
2008 2012. Principal Investigator: Technology enhanced activities and interactions in the science classroom: pedagogical scripts for knowledge communities. SSHRC grant funded project 410-2008-2125 (CID/NIC 181093). [CAD $123,000].
2008 2012. Co-Principal Investigator: Science Created by You. European Union FP7-ICT-2007-1 funded project 212814. [8.5 Million Euros, with no subaward permitted for non-EU countries. Slotta is a full partner in this large collaborative project, however.
2008 2013 Co-Principal Investigator: NSF funded project DRL-0733299 Logging Opportunities in Online Programs for Science (LOOPS): Student and Teacher Learning. [US $2.5 Million, with US $314,029 subaward to University of Toronto].
2006 2010 Co-Principal Investigator: NSF funded project EEP 0550169. Developing Ontological Schema Training Methods to Help Students Develop Scientifically Accurate Mental Models of Engineering Concepts. [US $750,000, with US $178,211 subaward to University of Toronto].
2006 2011 Principal Investigator: CFI funded Canada Research Chair in Information Technology: Technology-Enhanced Collaboration and Inquiry for Science [CAD $332,000]

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