Carol-Ann Burke

Director of the SMT Centre

Lydia E Carol-Ann Burke is the current Director for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto. She is also an assistant professor at the faculty of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.

Carol-Ann’s research interests include exploring scientific understanding, postcolonial theory in science education, ethical dimension of prioritization in the field of science education and underrepresented youth in science. She is also interested in investigating the nature of interdisciplinary collaboration, specifically between the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering and Curriculum, Teaching and Learning.

Selected Publications:

  • Burke, L. E. C., & Wessels, A. (2017, May). Urban high school students expose the pedagogical implications of science theatre. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) Annual Conference, Toronto, ON.
  • Burke, L. E. C. (Ed.). (2017). Dialogues on beauty through STEM education: Graduate student special issue. [Special Issue]. Journal for Activist Science and Technology Education (JASTE), 8(1). [Note: OISE graduate students feature as authors in this issue.]
  • Shanahan M., & Burke, L. E. C. (2017). Video analysis of role and identity in science classrooms through student and teacher pronoun use. SAGE Research Methods Cases. doi: