Cathy Marks Krpan

Associate Professor

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Cathy Marks Krpan is an associate professor at OISE who teaches mathematics education graduate courses. She believes that it is critical that all learners have equal access to learning mathematics. Therefore, Cathy’s primary research interest is on mathematics education and supporting learners, including English Language Learners, who struggle with learning mathematics.

Cathy is also interested in student communication in mathematics, student argumentation, self-talk and think alouds, self-regulated learning, student and teacher mathematical discourse, and student self-efficacy in mathematics

Selected Publications:

  • Marks Krpan, C., & Sambhi, G. (2020, April). Thinking out loud: Teachers perceptions of the impact of think-alouds in elementary mathematics. Paper accepted for presentation for American Educational Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA. [Conference cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.]
  • Marks Krpan, C., & Sambhi, G. (2019, June) Arguing for access: Teachers’ perspectives on the use of argumentation in elementary mathematics and its impact on student success. Paper presented at the Canadian Society for the Study of Education (CSSE) Conference, Vancouver, BC.
  • Marks Krpan, C., & Sambhi, G. (2019, April). Taking the journey less traveled: Elementary teachers’ perceptions of the impact of action research on the implementation of argumentation tasks in their classroom practice. Paper presented at The American Education Research Association (AERA) Annual Conference, Toronto, ON.
  • Marks Krpan, C. (2018). Teaching math with meaning; Cultivating self-efficacy through learning competencies.Toronto, ON: Pearson Education.
  • Marks Krpan, C. (2012). Math expressions: Developing student thinking and problem solving through communication. Toronto, ON: Pearson Education.