Douglas McDougall

Associate Dean, Programs, OISE

Douglas McDougall is the current Associate Dean of OISE who was also previously the Chair of the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Director of the Centre for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. He has also played an active role as the chair of numerous department and university committees.

Douglas’s research interests are on mathematics teaching and learning, teacher education and collaboration, technology-supported learning, academic leadership and reciprocal learning. His work has been supported by several research grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), University of Toronto funding, and other departmental sources.

Selected Publications:

  • Jao, L., & McDougall, D. (2016). Moving beyond the barriers: Supporting meaningful teacher collaboration to improve secondary school mathematics. Teacher Development, 20(4), 557-573.
  • Qiu, M. & McDougall, D. (2015). Influence of group configuration on online discourse reading. Computers & Education, 87, 151-165.