Greg Evans


Dept of Chem-Eng Profile

Greg Evans (P.Eng, FAAAS, FCAE) is a professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry. He is also the director of the Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR). SOCAAR studies urban air quality and the adverse effects of aerosol on human health and the environment.

At OISE, Greg is the Director of the Collaborative Specialization in Engineering Education. He is also the co-director of “Leaders of Tomorrow”, along with Professor Doug Reeve, where he is able to share his research interests in enhancing the positive impact of engineers on society and leadership development. Greg’s current education-related research includes a study of teaching team effectiveness in large classrooms. He also conducts research on energy systems and climate.

Selected Publications:

  • Burke, L. E. C., Chong, A., Evans, G., & Romkey, L. (2020). Cultivating disciplinary expectations for engineering education research in Canada. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics & Technology Education, 20(1), 87-97.
  • Hilker, N., Wang, J. M., Jeong, C. H., Healy, R. M., Sofowote, U., Debosz, J., … Evans, G. J. (2019). Traffic-related air pollution near roadways: Discerning local impacts from background. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 12(10), 5247-5261.
  • Jeong, C. H., Salehi, S., Wu, J., North, M. L., Kim, J. S., Chow, C. W., & Evans, G. J. (2019). Indoor measurements of air pollutants in residential houses in urban and suburban areas: Indoor versus ambient concentrations. Science of The Total Environment, 693(133446).
  • Evans, G., Allen, G., Bender, T., & Cluett, W. (2017). We never talk: Peer to peer observation and formative feedback as steps to evolving academic culture. Proceedings of the Canadian Engineering Education Conference (CEEA). Retrieved from
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