John Wallace

Professor Emeritus

CTL Profile

John Wallace is a Professor Emeritus with the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning, and previously Director of the Centre for Science, Mathematics, and Technology Education at OISE. John is the former Editor-in-Chief of the Centre’s primary journal the Canadian Journal for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education and has lectured internationally about integrated curricula.

John’s research interests focus on curriculum integration, science education, STEM, teacher learning and qualitative inquiry research.

Selected Publications:

  • Rennie, L. J., Venville, G., & Wallace, J. (2020). A worldly perspective: Applying theory to STEM education. In C. C. Johnson, M. J. Mohr-Schroeder, T. J. Moore, & L.D. English (Eds.), Handbook of research on STEM education (pp. 39-50). New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Rennie, L., Venville, G., & Wallace, J. (2018). Making STEM curriculum useful, motivating and relevant for students. In R. Jorgensen & K. Larkin (Eds.), STEM in the junior secondary: The state of play (pp. 91-109). Singapore: Springer.
  • Rennie, L., Venville, G., & Wallace, J. (2018). Natural disasters as unique socioscientific events: Curricular responses to the New Zealand earthquakes. In D. Corrigan, C. Bunting, A. Jones, A. & J. Loughran (Eds.), Navigating the changing landscape of formal and informal science learning opportunities (pp. 105-125). Dortrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.
  • Rennie, L., Venville, G. & Wallace, J. (Eds.) (2012). Integrating science, technology, engineering and mathematics: Issues, reflections and ways forward. New York, NY: Routledge.