Wanja Gitari

Associate Professor


Wanja Gitari is an associate professor of science education at the University of Toronto. Her primary research interest is in cognitive continuity in science learning in local and international contexts. Her work is framed around access, equity, and retention in science education, the socio-cultural context of science pedagogy, and “lived curriculum” of Indigenous cultures. She supervises thesis work in these areas.

Wanja is also an Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education (CJSMTE).

Selected Publications:

  • Gitari, W., & Gerrard, D. (2017). Prioritizing scientific discourse by adult learners: An analysis of student writing using Bloom’s Taxonomy. The International Journal of Adult, Community and Professional Learning 24(1), 15-30.
  • Gitari, W. (2017, November). Inclusion in the science class: An inside-out view. Presentation made at the Science Teachers Association of Ontario (STAO), Toronto, ON.