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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
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frequently asked questions

Course information

Course information for 2016-2017 initial teacher candidates including elementary and secondary program information, important dates and notices, FAQ's and more, can be found in the Incoming Candidate Guide.

What is SUPO?

The School University Partnership Office (SUPO) is responsible for coordinating your practicum placements and internship

They also provide many valuable student services including workshops and conferences.

Contact SUPO at supo.oise.utoronto.ca/ for more information or to download the workplace insurance form, find out about your Police Record Check, and more.

Internship information

All teacher candidates are expected to complete a five-week internship following their second practicum placement in the spring. 

Visit the internship website at internship.oise.utoronto.ca/ to download the Internship Information Booklet, or to find out more about your internship including important dates, timelines, and international opportunities.

Financial aid

For information regarding OSAP, or bursaries, scholarships, and emergency loans offered by OISE, please visit the Student Services website at oise.utoronto.ca/studentservices/.

You can also apply for part-time work through the University of Toronto Career Centre at careers.utoronto.ca/, or keep an eye on the OISE conference for job postings.

health and well-being

university of toronto health services

Located at 214 College Street in the Koffler Student Services Centre, the University of Toronto Health Services offers a wide-range of health services.  For more information please visit utoronto.ca/health/index.html.


Full-time students with a valid student card can visit the Hart House gym (harthouse.utoronto.ca/) or the Atlethics Centre (athletics.utoronto.ca/) free-of-charge to use the gym facilities, swim, or participate in fitness classes and intra-mural sports teams.


In 2016-2017, each option and cohort at OISE will receive funding from the STU.

How the money is spent is up to the discretion of each option and cohort. However, it is strongly encouraged that the money be spent on a social engagement for the option or cohort - as that is what it has been set aside for.

All transactions must be approved either the STU Treasurer or the STU President.  

It is up to a class rep from each option or cohort to fill out the form, and slip it under the door of the OISE STU office on the 5th floor. It will be reviewed and returned to you in a timely manner.

Questions or concerns regarding this process can be directed to the Treasurer or President via email.

Once the spending has been approved by the STU, all receipts must be submitted to the Treasurer for reimbursement.  Monies will be reimbursed via cheque and will not exceed the amount allotted for each option or cohort.

*For reimbursement purposes, please try to limit the spending to one or two people per option or cohort.



In case you were wondering what exactly these positions entail, the job descriptions for these positions are as follows. Please feel free to contact any of us at anytime, through our email (stu.oise@utoronto.ca) or by visiting the STU Office!

Manages and supervises the affairs of the union and its relationship with the OISE/UT; is responsible for attending Faculty Council Meetings and providing the minutes. 

Assists the President in many aspects of their portfolio and fulfils the duties of the President and other members of the executive when called upon. External duties include sitting on a variety of committees, including the OISE Appeals Committee. Internal duties primarily involve organising events for teacher candidates in the Concurrent Teacher Education Program.

Manages the annual STU budget, finances and accounting or expenses and revenues.

252 Bloor Street West
Room 8-110
Toronto, ON
M5S 1V6