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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
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OISE Student Teacher's Union (STU) Executive Committee


The executive team will be planning events, activities, athletics, and opportunities for students to engage with the community throughout the year. We welcome your suggestions, ideas, advice and input on how the STU can serve the students of OISE. Feel free to stop by our office (room 5-199) or send us an an email to stu.oise@utoronto.ca, or at our respective email addresses which can be found below.

Kavi Gogia, PresidentKavi Gogia, President

I am enrolled in Primary/Junior program in central option. I received my Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science in India. My love for teaching and education grew through diverse experiences like educational projects across low-income schools in India, summer camps in Ukraine and volunteering in special needs classes in Toronto.

As a student, Model United Nations conference has been my go-to activity. I have worked in various leadership roles in three different continents of the World. My goal as a teacher is to answer the 'why' of my students and take tangible steps towards equity and social justice. I love meeting new people and believe in meaningful connections.

As the president, I have an open door policy. Please get in touch with me for any questions/issues/inputs/ideas you may ever have. We are the voice of student body at OISE. My goal is to serve the mission of STU and make the year eventful and memorable for my peers.

Esther Khew, Vice PresidentEsther Khew, Vice-President

Hellooo OISE! It’s Esther Khew here, and I’m really excited to be your Vice President for this year! I am part of the I/S CTEP Music Cohort with Social Science as my second teachable. I am extremely excited for this year and all the opportunities that we have in front of us (if you couldn’t tell already). I am open to any ideas you may have for improving your OISE experience. Looking forward to meeting all of you! Please come by the STU office to chat!


Stephanie Mustari, TreasurerStephanie Mustari, Treasurer

Hi Everyone! My name is Stephanie Mustari and I will be the STU Treasurer for the 2014 – 2015 year. I am in the Global Citizenship & Sustainable Development cohort and my high school teachables are Business & Accounting. I took a small detour where I obtained my CA, worked in a professional accounting firm, finishing off at Rogers Media in finance, when I realized that my calling was in teaching! Outside of teaching, my passions are reading, animals and volunteer travel. I am super excited to be here this year with you all and I'm looking forward getting to know you throughout the year.


Joe Ticar, Media CoordinatorJoe Ticar, Media Coordinator

Hello! I'm the Media Coordinator on the OISE Student Teacher's Union for 2014-2015. I graduated from U of T Mississauga in 2009, and following that I started a career in automotive public relations for a luxury vehicle manufacturer. Fast forward to 2014, and I'm now shifted over to teaching at the I/S level, with Business Studies and English as my teachables! On the weekends, I'm a photographer, and I shoot mostly product and portraits, and dabble in fashion photography from time to time. I'm also passionate about reading, writing and technology! In my spare time, I enjoy sampling different coffees, playing StarCraft and adding to my small collection of 35mm film cameras. I'm really looking forward to meeting my fellow TCs - let's make this year a great one!


Lorenzo Madrazo, Speaker of the HouseLorenzo Madrazo, Speaker of the House

Hey OISE! My name is Lorenzo and I'm a 5th year CTEP student from the Faculty of Music Cohort with teachables in I/S Music and Math. I graduated this past spring with my B. Mus and am excited to spend my final year at OISE to finish my B. Ed. I teach piano, conduct a choir and occasionally take on gigs. I enjoy writing music, reading, watching movies, making puns and trying out all kinds of food. Feel free to come to my office hours to talk and share your ideas on how we can make a great year for everyone!


Nasrin Ghafoori, External CoordinatorNasrin Ghafoori, External Coordinator

Hello fellow Teacher Candidates!

My name is Nasrin Ghafoori and I will be your external coordinator for 2014/2015. I am in  cohort SP9: Toronto for the intermediate/senior B.Ed program at OISE. I graduated from UofT  in June 2014 with my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations, hence having social science and history as my two teachables.

To become a teacher was always my plan A and I am truly grateful to be here after dreaming about it for 10 years. I am extremely excited about our year at OISE, especially because we are the superb bunch who got to the one year program, so we have to ensure that we walk away with amazing memories. I want to ensure that the concerns of the student body are heard by the greater University, so don’t hesitate to e-mail or see me during my office hours. I am looking forward to meeting you all and wishing you a remarkable and wonderful year at OISE.


Alice Yu, Secretary Alice Yu, Secretary

Q: Why do they never serve beer at a math party?

A: Because you can't drink and derive...

Haha...ha... Hello, teacher candidates! My name is Alice and I'm a 5th year UTM Concurrent Teaching Education student. My two teachables are French and Family Studies. I love to run, travel, bake, draw, and roll around with my two dogs.

I enjoy meeting and sparking conversation with new people. I cannot wait to work with you all, and please shoot me an email at alicemlb.yu@mail.utoronto.ca if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments. Please say hi to me if you see me! Cheers!

Tristan Ellis, Equity CoordinatorTristan Ellis, Equity Coordinator

Hello! I'm an avid follower of issues in curriculum, education, and Aboriginal education in Ontario. I'm going to be playing for the OISE intramural frisbee team until I gets drafted by a team with enough players to compete, and I'm generally your go-to-guy for questions regarding leap-years.

I've got a BA from Nipissing and an MA in History. My teachables are history and geography, with plans for a third teachable in French.


Josephine Tichy, Equity CoordinatorJosephine Tichy, Equity Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Josephine and I'm one of your equity coordinators. I am in my final year of the Concurrent Teachers Education Program in the Intermediate/Senior stream with French and History as my teachables.

Being a passionate traveler and admirer of antiquity, I hope to one day become like Indiana Jones, a teacher and archeologist uncovering the world’s secrets! In my spare time I enjoy reading, cooking, airplane gazing or playing sports. I hope we can make this both an exciting and memorable year at OISE! Email me anytime or come visit us in the office!

Jas Dhillon, Events CoordinatorJas Dhillon, Event Coordinator

Hello, is it me you’re looking for? What, no Lionel Richie fans? Alright, never mind then!

I’m Jas Dhillon and I’ll be one of your STU event coordinators for 2014-2015. I’m currently enrolled in the I/S stream here at OISE in the SP5 (Peel/Dufferin-Peel) cohort. I graduated with an HBSc in Biology and a minor in Chemistry (yes, that’s important) from YorkU and surprise, surprise, my teachables are Biology and Chemistry. I’m looking forward to meeting you all and organizing some fun events that will allow you to let your hair down. Bring your questions and suggestions to the office or just come on by to say hi!


Zahida Ghantiwala, Events CoordinatorZahida Ghantiwala, Event Coordinator

Hey Teacher Candidates! My name is Zahida Ghantiwala and I'll be one of your event coordinators for the year. A little bit about me: I'm in the midtown option at OISE in the junior/intermediate program and my teachable is science. I got my B.Sc from the University of Toronto - Scarborough Campus where I majored in Biology and Psychology. I've worked at a daycare for the last 6 years, and in addition to my love for teaching and science, I love going out and doing fun things with my friends. I'm hoping to be able to do that with all of you and getting to know you all a little better through the exciting events we'll be hosting throughout the year!

Tamara Ryhorski, Event CoordinatorTamara Ryhorski, Event Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Tamara Ryhorski and I am one of the Event Coordinators on the STU Executive Committee for the 2014-2015 year.

I am a 5th year SMC CTEP student and my teachable subjects are English and Religious Education. I have actively been involved in the CTEP Student Association throughout my time in the program and am currently the Vice President.

I have a great deal of experience and success in event planning and I look forward to creating memories, opportunities for inclusion, bonding and laughter! Hope to see you all at future events!

Sarah Ahmed, Athletics CoordinatorSarah Ahmed, Athletics Coordinator

Hey OISE! Thanks for coming to check us out. My name is Sarah Ahmed, one of the Athletics Coordinator for the year and I’m at OISE for the Intermediate/Senior level for French and Politics. Just to give a little slice of my life...

I graduated from the University of Western where I played a lot of intramurals throughout my time there so I know how fun they can be, and it’s a great way to blow off steam! This is my first time in an executive position but my expertise lies in bringing people together, the sporting life and having fun – all of which will play essential parts in making this year at OISE as exciting as possible!

Peter Nash, Athletics CoordinatorPeter Nash, Athletics Coordinator

My teachables are music and math. I play varsity baseball here at U of T, I coach Men’s Tri-Campus Volleyball, I play various intramural sports, and I am a Don at Victoria College. I like long walks on the beach, unless it is in Toronto. I enjoy listening to music, and I like wearing heavy-duty headphones.


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