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OISE Wellness


We recognize that many of you have attended sessions throughout the year to fulfill your CCR requirements and that you may have been planning to complete it over the next couple of weeks.  Given the current situation, for the remainder of this session only, you can fulfill up to 5 sessions of your CCR requirements by attending our online sessions.  If you are not graduating this year, you also have the option to complete the requirements in the following year(s).  There is no time limit for this CCR. 

Here are some online options that you can use towards your CCR.

When completing your CCR, simply note the online sessions attended or viewed on your Reflection and we will count them towards your CCR requirements.

Co Curricular Approved: Build your Experience; Tell your Story







Cultivating Personal Health & Wellness through Mindfulness

A Co-Curricular Credit Opportunity for Students

Manage your CCR on the U of T Co-Curricular Record websiteThe Cultivating Personal Health & Wellness through Mindfulness program is an opportunity for students to become aware of, develop knowledge about, and practice mindfulness for their overall health and well being.  The program is intended to improve one's general well-being to impact both their academic and personal lives.  Successful students will have attended 10 or more of the available OISE Wellness sessions throughout the year.  Sessions can include Mindful Moments, Lunch & Learn sessions, yoga or other pre-approved activities for this program.  This opportunity is available to all OISE students.

To add the Cultivating Health & Wellness through Mindfulness program to your Co-Curricular record:

Register for the CCR online

  • Login to the U of T Co-Curricular Record website
  • Go to “Manage Co-Curricular Record” tab
  • Select “Add position to My Record” 
  • Select “2019-2020” 
  • Scroll to find the activity name “add activity name” or type in “Cultivating Health & Wellness through Mindfulness” 
  • Look at the positions listed, and select  “Cultivating Health & Wellness through Mindfulness” 

Complete the program

To complete the program, Students must prove that they have attended at least 10 OISE Wellness sessions by submitting the signed Attendance card along with the required reflection document to Ai-Ri Brown (airibrown@oise.utoronto.ca). 

  • Download the Attendance Record here. You can also obtain one from the Office of the Registrar and Student Services (ORSS).
  • For every session you attend, fill out the session information and ensure that the facilitator signs your card.
  • After 10 sessions, submit the completed Attendance card along with a Reflection (about a paragraph or two) that answers the questions:
    • What skills and knowledge did you learn and have the opportunities to practice during the program?
    • How will you use what you learned in the future, both in your personal and professional lives?
    • Students are encouraged to set two or three goals at the beginning of the year and reflect on whether the program helped them meet their goals in their reflection document.
  • Submit the completed forms to Ai-Ri Brown by email: airibrown@oise.utoronto.ca or in-person (Room 8-158, OISE)
  • It will take about 1-2 weeks for your submission to be validated and approved on the CCR website so that you can view and print it.

To View and Print your Co-Curricular Record:

  • Go to https://clnx.utoronto.ca
  • Once you log in, select Co-Curricular Record on the left navigation
  • Then go to “Manage Co-Curricular Record”
  • Under the "My Activities/Positions" tab, find "Cultivating Health & Wellness through Mindfulness"
  • From this screen you can print a pdf of your record anytime on your account. 
  • You also have the ability to customize your record.
    • using the bottom right hand corner is the Published on Record function.
    • Click on the icon and it will turn green,
    • Then select “Actions you can take…”
    • Click on Print My Co-Curricular Record
  • Before you can print the record, this request will need to be approved. You can expect approval one-two weeks after you submit your request on the CCR website.

You can add this opportunity and complete the program at any time in the academic year.  However, it is advisable to sign up early so that you receive notice of the activities as well as have more time to complete the program.