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OISE Wellness: Supporting Health and Wellbeing in our Community

mindful moments

Mindful Moments is... a campus wide initiative that shares secular mindfulness meditation and mindful practices with students in order to increase stress management, resiliency and focus.  It is a joint effort between the Health and Wellness Centre, the Multi-Faith Centre and numerous college partners throughout the University of Toronto. 

Mindful Moments began in the fall of 2014 as a response to the students' interest in mindfulness and meditation practices.  It began as a way to bring greater awareness of all opportunities to practice and the positive outcomes of practicing.  It also acts as a qualifty control agent, ensuring qualified mindfulness instructors are provided to meet students' needs.

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Offered every Thursday in the Fall, 12:10 - 12:50 pm from September 23 - November 2; and every Tuesday in the Winter, 12:10 - 12:50 pm from January 11 - April 5 (no session during March Break, March 15)

Facilitator: Rose Mina Munjee, MBA, RP, MBSR, MBCT, MSC, AMM-MIND, MPS 
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These mindful moments sessions are open to all staff, students, and faculty. It is 45 minutes with 5-10 minutes at the beginning and end of the session for informal sharing and questions, allowing students some flexibility in arriving and departing. The session includes a short introduction, 20-30 minutes of practice (breath meditation, body scan, mindful walking or movement, compassion and loving kindness, and gratitude practices), sharing, Q&A, and discussion about stress management, benefits of mindfulness meditation, and latest research findings about mindfulness in mental health, including physiology and neuroscience.

You can also listen to past Recorded Sessions. 

Mindful Moments on Campus

If you cannot attend the Mindful Moments sessions at OISE, the program offers many other opportunities across campus.  For a complete schedule of Mindful Moments sessions, please visit