Conference Artwork

“Beyond the Horizon”

      The theme “Bridging the Divides: Transformation Through, By, and For Education” speaks to the idea of creating connections between individuals, communities, and cultures separated by various divides such as race, class, gender, religion, and more. The conference aims to bring people together and promote understanding, empathy, and cooperation.

      The digital drawing I created, titled “Beyond the Horizon,” can be strongly connected to education as it allows us to expand our horizons and surpass the limitations of our immediate surroundings. Education can open doors to new opportunities, experiences, and perspectives that were previously beyond one’s reach. It can help us address misconceptions, learn from one another and inspire us to set our sights on bigger and brighter futures. The image features an open book that reveals two hands shaking, which serves as a visual representation of the theme. The book symbolizes that education and discourse have the potential to offer great knowledge and understanding, while the hands shaking signifies the bridge that education creates between individuals and communities to share that knowledge. The individuals walking on the bridge represent the diverse backgrounds and perspectives that can be united through education.

      Education has the power to transform individuals and societies by providing knowledge, skills, and critical thinking abilities. It can challenge existing prejudices and promote inclusivity, diversity, and equality. By bringing people from different walks of life together, education can foster cross-cultural understanding, break down barriers, and encourage collaboration.

      The conference aims to gather educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from various fields to share their experiences, knowledge, and best practices in promoting transformation through education. In addition, the conference will provide a platform for participants to learn from one another, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore solutions to the challenges facing education today.

      In conclusion, the theme “Bridging the Divides: Transformation Through, By, and For Education” and my digital drawing symbolizes education’s role in promoting unity and understanding. By seeking new horizons of knowledge, education can break down divides and build bridges that lead to a more inclusive and equitable world.


Artist’s bio

Faduma Hassan is a teacher candidate in the Master of Teaching Program. In addition, she is an OISE Student Engagement Ambassador for the Register’s Office and Student Experience (ROSE). She has undertaken a project with ROSE to curate a collection of Black-focused literature books for the OISE library to offer all future and current educators an inclusive book list to incorporate into their instructional teachings. Her research interests are the teacher diversity gap, representation, and equal education for BIPOC students. Hassan looks forward to actively engaging in anti-racist practices that promote equity, diversity and inclusion in her future teachings.

She is a passionate self-taught artist who enjoys using visual expressions to create meaning and promote healing for minority spaces. Hassan also uses art to teach her students, differentiate learning and encourage creativity. With her natural disposition to teaching, she has successfully organized art workshops with non-profit organizations and students.