What is the OISE Graduate Students' Association Council?

The OISE Graduate Students' Association (GSA) Council is its ultimate decision-making authority and has charge over its general affairs. The Council is composed of an elected Executive and representatives from each of the departments and programs and the International Students’ Association (ISA). 

Council meetings are held on a monthly basis. All students are welcome to attend and participate because all graduate students at OISE are automatic members of the GSA. Meeting minutes are posted on the OISE GSA website.

The GSA’s Executive runs Council meetings, as well as all aspects of business within the GSA. In conjunction with our constitution, the GSA Executive is empowered to act in place of, and coordinate Council within matters of routine business and project delegation. 

Please email our Vice President Internal, internal.gsa@utoronto.ca, to be invited to our Council meetings. 

Council Committees

All OISE students are able to join the OISE GSA Committees. 

These committees help with various aspects of OISE GSA governance and are open to all OISE students. Please email our OISE GSA President, president.gsa@utoronto.ca, to be added to these committees. The following committees are available:

Accessibility Committee

Constitution Committee

Equity Committee

Finance Committee

Muriel Fung Award Committee

Sustainability Committee