Justin Patrick

Justin Patrick (he/him)

Justin is in year three of a PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy in Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE). His research focuses on student government and student leadership. He holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Toronto and a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of Ottawa. He serves as the President of the Global Student Government and has served in executive roles in the International Association for Political Science Students and the University of Toronto Graduate Students’ Union, among others.

Contact Justin for: constitution inquiries, general inquiries

Vice President Academic

Picture of Abigail Fisher

Abigail Fisher (she/her)

Abigail is a second-year Master of Arts in the Educational Leadership & Policy Program in the Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE) department. Abigail is dedicated to student success and well-being and uses her passions in her academic and professional career. Abigail is currently researching the implementation of mental health services in Ontario's public schools. She is also a Peer Coach/Student Academic Success Mentor (Accessibility Focus) at OISE's Registrar's Office & Student Experience (ROSE). Abigail also holds positions as a research assistant at the University of Alberta and Unity Health Toronto. 

Contact Abigail for: grants & funding inquiries, Graduate Student Research Conference inquiries


Vice President Finance

Willis Opondo

Willis Opondo (he/him)

Willis is a PhD student at the Department of Social Justice Education. He is also a Research Associate at the Toronto District School Board. He has taught undergraduate sociology courses at Machakos University, Kenya and worked as a consultant urban sociologist for urban planning firms. He has also been involved in various social development and behavioural research projects in East Africa. His research interests include Indigenous knowledge/governance, Education, Race/Ethnicity, Equity in Education, and civic engagement/public consultations.

Contact Willis for: GSA budget inquiries, Departmental Students' Association (DSA) and Program Students' Association (PSA) funding, other financial inquiries

Vice President Internal

Jasmine Biloki

Jasmine Biloki (she/her)

Jasmine Biloki is completing a Master of Education in Higher Education within the student development and student services stream. Jasmine is also an Assistant Registrar at Victoria College at UofT. Jasmine’s work involves enabling undergraduate students to reach their career goals, assisting them in gathering and processing the information needed to engage in academically related career planning. Her research interests are pathways within higher education and labour makers and higher education policy. Jasmine is also the Vice President of Communications for the Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE) Departmental Students' Association (DSA). 

Contact Jasmine for: Departmental Students' Association (DSA) and Program Students' Association (PSA) inquiries, GSA website/social media inquiries, general inquiries

Anti-Harassment Statement

Discrimination and harassment are illegal practices under the Ontario Human Rights Code. OISE’s Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) is committed to ensuring that all members are free from harassment and discrimination. Executive members of the GSA have the right to refuse communication of its members if the Executive member feels threatened. Harassment and discrimination denies Executive members their right to fully participate in their role as student leaders. Any GSA member has the right to contact authorities in emergency situations and to report harassment to Human Resources and Community Safety offices. In order to ensure that all communication remains professional and respectful, please only email Executive members to their GSA email, not personal emails.