The OISE Psychology Clinic provides psychological assessment and psychotherapy services to children and adolescents for emotional, social, and academic concerns. 

Services are provided by graduate students under the supervision of psychologists who are members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario. In some cases, services may be provided by faculty members who are registered psychologists.

You may contact an Intake Coordinator at: 416-978-0678

As part of the intake process, we will assess whether our trainees have sufficient knowledge, training and experience necessary to provide services to a client before initiating the service. Where we don’t feel we can meet a client’s needs, we will provide referrals to other mental health providers.

How to book an appointment?

If you are interested in our psychological assessment and/or psychotherapy services, please leave a confidential voice message for our Intake Coordinators at 416-978-0678. Please make sure to include your name, availability and contact information for us to return your call.

One of our Intake Coordinators will phone you to provide information about our services and complete an intake form with you. Once that form is completed, you will be placed on the waitlist at our clinic.

Available services vary depending on the OISE/UofT academic schedule. Not all services are available at all times throughout the year.

What services are offered?

Psychological assessments

Provided by our clinic encompass: school-related issues, learning disabilities (LD), giftedness, attention deficit, hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, and trauma.


Provided by our clinic encompasses: challenging behaviours at home and/or school, anxiety, depression, trauma, and peer and family relational difficulties.

Academic Interventions 

For children and adolescents with academic challenges (e.g., reading difficulties).

Parent Guidance/Counselling

Also offered.

What does therapy look like?

Our psychotherapy services are available from September to June. The process begins by setting up an initial consultation. Psychotherapy sessions last 50-60 minutes and they tend to take place on a weekly basis. The number of sessions received varies, as it depends on the presenting challenges, the availability of student clinicians, and supervising psychologists. In addition, some of our therapy services are time-limited, as they are provided as part of graduate training courses (e.g., six therapy sessions).

We offer a variety of therapeutic modalities at our clinic, such as cognitive-behaviour therapy and relational therapy. The modality is determined based on the presenting challenges and client preferences.

Treatment may be short or long term, and it may include play therapy, individual and family therapy, as well as parent guidance.

What is my coverage?

Psychological services are not covered under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. However, many insurance companies provide coverage for psychological services. If you have an insurance plan, we strongly recommend that you contact your insurance company to check your coverage. We also offer fee accommodations for most of our course-based psychological assessment and psychotherapy services, for which you can apply.

For detailed information about the cost of services, please contact the Intake Coordinators at 416-978-0678.

Statement of Principles

The OISE Psychology Clinic strives to provide service of high quality to its clientele while also supporting graduate training programs within the Institute.  The Clinic provides graduate students with opportunities to work with children, adolescents and adults doing psychological and psycho-educational assessment, remedial instruction, psychotherapy, counselling, group work, and innovative programming. Such work is done under the close direct supervision of registered psychologists and psychotherapists. The Clinic provides a setting for training in standard and innovative procedures for assessment and intervention that are both evidence-based and culturally sensitive.

The OISE Psychology Clinic is strongly committed to providing a learning and training environment and culture built on the fundamental values of equity, diversity and inclusion. At the OISE Psychology Clinic, we value the diversity of the communities that we serve, the diversity of those offering psychological/psychotherapy services and supervision, and the importance of recognizing and respecting human differences and similarities. We are committed to providing a training program that teaches mental health professionals to practice in a culturally responsive and appropriate manner and to apply diversity-based models in clinical settings. An important goal of our training model is the development of self-awareness and reflective practices that lead to the increased knowledge and skills necessary for working with a highly diverse population. The OISE Psychology Clinic is committed to the just treatment of each individual member of our Clinic community and the communities we serve and is vigilant to ensure that differences are not treated in ways that produce direct or indirect forms of discrimination. Through continual examination, monitoring of our practices and policies, and providing safe spaces for discussions, we aim to ensure that equitable, antiracist and anti-oppressive principles prevail.