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 The Centre for Media and Culture in Education supports interdisciplinary research and teaching agendas that advance ideals of social equity and justice. The CMCE promotes visionary and innovative media and cultural productions positioning us to imagine a different and better world.

The Centre reaches out both locally and internationally, seeking connections, networks, relations and exchanges that enhance media, cultural and digital literacies and education


December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

The Centre for Media and Culture and Education and Department of Social Justice Education at OISE organized and supported a round table and open community microphone event to mark December 6th: National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women. E rigorous and important discussions brought togetehr front line workers, counselors and educators working with survivors of violence and its prevention, and student and faculty activists who debated the contexts, histories and race/class/gender/sexuality/place/nationality intersectionality of violence in educational and other spaces and how we respond to it. The event ended with a dance performance dedicated to survivors of gendered, sexed and raced violence by Aisha Nicholson (KasheDance). Aisha’s memorable and deeply moving performance is available for viewing below!

The CMCE wishes to thank Sein Kipusi and Maral Karimi (co-coordinators of the center) for their invaluable support in organizing the event. We also extend our gratitude to the panelists and guests who participated in the event. The panel included: Arezoo Najibzadeh, VP Internal, Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson Nadine Sookermany, Springtide Resources, Toronto Brieanne Berry Crossfield, University of Toronto Graduate Students Union Connie Guberman, Women and Gender Studies, University of Toronto Scarborough Jacqueline Benn-John, Department Social Justice Education, OISE/University of Toronto Megan Scribe, Department Social Justice Education, OISE/ University of Toronto Tanya (Toni) De Mello, Director, Human Rights Services, Ryerson University Moderator: Miglena Todorova, Faculty member, Department Social Justice Education and Director of CMCE at OISE​.

Upcoming Events

June 26, 2018 — Artscape Sandbox, 301 Adelaide Street West, Toronto


Ryerson University and Artscape host the launch of the second edition of ‘Making is Connecting: The social power of creativity, from craft and knitting to digital everything’ by David Gauntlett.


First published in 2011, ‘Making is Connecting’ struck a chord with crafters, YouTubers, makers, music producers, artists, and coders alike. This shift from a ‘sit-back-and-be-told culture’ to a ‘making-and-doing culture’ means that a vast array of people are exchanging their own ideas, videos, and other creative material online, as well as engaging in real-world crafts, music projects, and hands-on experiences.  Drawing on evidence from psychology, politics, philosophy, and economics, Gauntlett shows that everyday creative engagement is necessary and essential for the happiness and survival of modern societies.


The fully revised second edition includes many new sections, as well as three new chapters on creative processes, do-it-yourself strategies, and platforms for creativity and more information can be found at  http://makingisconnecting.org


The event is FREE but registration is essential, at: https://making2018.eventbrite.ca


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