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A space of ‘survivable failure’:

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Arts-led, youth-driven methodology and social impact: “making what we need” in times of crisis

In this article, Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, with Christine Balt, Nancy Cardwell & Lindsay Valve, consider the social role of collaborative ethnographic research amid our current intersecting social, political and ecological crises. A “metho-pedagogical” framework is mobilized to consider how drama is put to work at a time of climate emergency and pandemic.

Census-taking and theater-making: Real and imagined perceptions and experiences of school and neighborhood safety for racialized and white youth

In this article, Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, with Dr. Dirk Rodricks & Lindsay Valve engage the discovery of a significant divergence between feelings of safety and belonging reported in a safety survey, and the discursive, contradictory, and complex narratives about safety revealed by students’ storytelling to open a line of inquiry about what the pursuit of being a ‘safe school’ is meant to do, and what it does.

The ecology of global, collaborative ethnography: metho-pedagogical architectures and interpretive frames in research with youth

In this article, Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, with graduate students Nancy Cardwell, Danielle Denichaud & Lindsay Valve explore the nature of ethnographic collaboration during the harrowing and unpredictable times of a global pandemic.
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Building new publics: Using agile, community-engaged, and applied theatre methodologies as social intervention in audience research

In this article, Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, with PhD candidates Lindsay Valve and Christine Balt, illustrate how an ‘agile’ research methodology acts as both inquiry and social intervention, and provides theatre artists and practitioners with novel ways to become more intentional about building engaged, intergenerational audiences.
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Asia's Most Influential:
Dr. Urvashi Sahni

Congratulations to our collaborator. Dr.Urvashi Sahni, for being named one of Asia’s Most Influential people. Dr. Sahni is a women’s rights activist, CEO and founder of Study Hall Educational Foundation in India, which offers educational programs for vulnerable young people.

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New Book from theatre-makers Andrew Kushnir &  Khari Wendell McClelland

Moving the Centre explores the work of two theatre-makers who simultaneously dare, fumble, and persist in bringing audiences into a space where complicity, authority, and authentic listening are met anew. The two plays it includes — Small Axe and Freedom Singer — lean into the possibilities of verbatim theatre to approach questions of justice, identity and the complex history all around us. Originally developed and produced by Toronto’s socially engaged theatre company Project: Humanity, these plays explore the power of recorded “real-life” encounters as a way for artists and the public to re-examine our defining narratives.

What is the future of verbatim theatre?

Four artists tackle this question as part of Project: Humanity’s Proximity Lab. Led by our long-time collaborator Andrew Kushnir, The Rhizome is an online, interactive experience in which reality and the arts co-mingle to create a reimagined Toronto. Come experience the out-of-the-box thinking/dreaming of artists in our city, in our right now. June 18 & 22-24, PWYC.

Rethinking Democracy And Citizenship

What does it mean to be democratic? What’s the difference between being a citizen in a democracy and a subject in an empire? Dr. Urvashi Sahni answered these pressing questions and more in her inspiring and truly engaging TEDtalk.

Creators for Change Documentary Wins Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Non-Fiction Special

Dr. Urvashi Sahni and Study Hall Education Foundation (SHEF) are featured in Michelle Obama's "Creators for Change" Documentary showcasing how education can transform girls’ lives and create a ripple effect for communities.

Screen shot of an online conversation between Andrew Kushnir, Zorana Sadiq and Matthew Sheahan

CODE Conversations

See here the launch of CODE Conversations with Matthew Sheahan, secondary teacher from Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board and President of the Council of Ontario Dance and Drama Educators interviewing Andrew Kushnir and Zorana Sadiq on their experiences with the Radical Hope research, the Towards Youth production, and their poignant thoughts on why Verbatim theatre is an especially important aesthetic with young people in these times.

Project: Humanity supporting youth & artists through COVID-19

P:H's COVID-19 Artist Partnership Program (CAPP). provides essential support to youth in shelters by pairing participants with artists for weekly 1:1 online mentorship sessions in a discipline of their choosing. ​

Tiny Tuna Big Bee: motivating climate action through music

Introducing our friends Bebe, Oona and Tutu of homegrown Toronto band ‘Tiny Tuna Big Bee’, all 12 years old and writing music as a call to action about climate change.

Artists for Real Climate Action ​

Artists for Real Climate Action is a non-partisan, ever-growing collection of actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, playwrights, graphic designers, directors, and digital marketing folks all sounding the alarm over our climate crisis