Storytelling through theatre is a powerful way to reach others.​

Our Latest Findings

Radical Hope
Young people have taught us that care is fundamental to hope, and that as we age and our primary relationships change, hope diminishes
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Towards Youth
We learned that young people have important ideas about our shared future, and intergenerational dialogues are critical to building understanding.
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Audacious Citizens
We are learning that hope might be a political alternative, that activating hope may be a form of audacious citizenship.
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We are a research ensemble of diverse collaborators committed to exploring the power of drama to create social change.

In Conversation With

CUYR is tackling inequalities experienced by young people

The Centre for Urban Youth Research is a hub for critical and justice-oriented youth scholars, activists, and community organizations working towards the expansion of social justice for young people who are most marginalized under contemporary capitalism.

Project: Humanity supporting youth & artists through COVID-19

P:H's COVID-19 Artist Partnership Program (CAPP). provides essential support to youth in shelters by pairing participants with artists for weekly 1:1 online mentorship sessions in a discipline of their choosing. ​

Tiny Tuna Big Bee: motivating climate action through music

Introducing our friends Bebe, Oona and Tutu of homegrown Toronto band ‘Tiny Tuna Big Bee’, all 12 years old and writing music as a call to action about climate change.

"Without youth theatre, I would never have won the Booker prize"

Bernardine Evaristo, winner of the Booker prize (2019) explores how acting onstage helped her discover her creativity, away from class and racial division.

Artists for Real Climate Action ​

Artists for Real Climate Action is a non-partisan, ever-growing collection of actors, filmmakers, writers, musicians, playwrights, graphic designers, directors, and digital marketing folks all sounding the alarm over our climate crisis

Upcoming Talks​

  • November 14, 2020: Dr. Gallagher will deliver a lecture on "Understanding Youth and Social Inequality" at the 9th International Convention on Education Studies, hosted by EdukCircle in the Philippines.

  • February, 2021: Dr. Gallagher will be the keynote speaker at the Special Visual Forum on Community Engaged Research in a Time of Crises, hosted by the Community Engaged Research Initiative (CERi) at Simon Fraser University.
  • TBD 2021: Dr. Gallagher will present the keynote address at the 4th ELTE Workshop for Arts Education, Live the Culture - Play, Arts Education and Science (Budapest, Hungary)

Latest News

Creativity and the Relational Self

On Oct 2, 2020, the Departments of Psychiatry, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (DCAP), and Family Medicine at Western University invited Dr. Gallagher to speak on youth mental well-being and her work in the arts and theatre. Introduced by Dr. Sandra Fisman with a Q&A moderated by Dr. Joy Abramson.

Excellent news!

Our friend Shree Paradkar has won two prizes at the Amnesty International Media awards – for best long story and best short video for her story on Prerna. Delighted that this excellent journalism brings further recognition to Urvashi Sahni and the powerful pedagogy at Prerna Girls' School.

After coronavirus: Global youth reveal that the social value of art has never mattered more

In this new article, Dr. Gallagher issues a call to action in response to an "unprecedented moment for intergenerational justice" emerging from the coronavirus pandemic - and the critical role of the arts, if we are to seize it.

New Book Alert!

This book explores the affective and relational lives of young people in diverse urban spaces. By following the trajectories of diverse young people as they creatively work through multiple and unfolding global crises, it asks how arts-based methodologies might answer the question: How do we stand in relation to others, those nearby and those at greater distances?