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Anti-Colonial Anger for Self Defense, Perseverance and Liberation

Event poster for "Anti-Colonial Anger for Self Defense, Perseverance and Liberation".

In Dr. Stanley Doyle-Wood's essay, Blood Anger: The Spirituality of Anti-Colonial Blood Anger for Self-Defense, he argues that developing a critical consciousness of anti-colonial blood anger is an urgent necessity for the survival and liberation of historically oppressed peoples. We invite you to join the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies (CIARS) for a special 'CIARS in Conversation' with Professor Doyle-Wood as we explore how blood-anger, described as the body's organizing mechanism for self-defence "against colonialism's historical and ongoing murderous enforcements of alienation, disembodiment, dis-intactness and disconnectedness," (Doyle-Wood 2019, 97) can be used to enact social change for today's liberation movements and beyond. 

This month’s CIARS In Conversation engages in key conversations pertaining to:

  • Untying our bodies from colonial epistemologies and ways of knowing
  • Learning how to differentiate Blood-Anger from - Anti-Colonial Blood Anger and what this would look like in practice
  • Engaging in the practice of remembering our ancestral knowledges and understanding how our struggles are connected
  • Developing/nurturing a critical, love-of-self-centered consciousness of Blood Anger that contests and opposes the colonial structure

Event Recording

About the Speakers

Dr. Stanley Doyle-Wood

Dr. Doyle-Wood is an artist, poet, writer, scholar and educator in the areas of critical anti-racism, equity, anti-colonial studies and community engagement. Doyle-Wood’s scholarly work and practice lies in an analysis and contestation of structural and accumulative forms of racialized violence and spirit-injury and the possibilities and praxis of resistance as embodied spiritual acts of pedagogy, survival, and liberation from the standpoint of the historically oppressed.

Kayah Gordon


Recent Graduate of U of T, earning BA in Sociology and Equity Studies, CIARS researcher

Destiny Mae


4th-year undergraduate student at U of T , U of T's BSA's Education and Outreach Director, CIARS volunteer

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