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Haitian Migration and the Necropolitics of Exclusion

Poster for the "Haitian Migration and the Necropolitics of Exclusion", CIARS in Conversation event.

Immigration is a Black issue. Black immigrants worldwide are subjected to disproportionate violence and mistreatment. U.S. border officials and the Mexican National Guard continue to abuse, ostracize, and chastise Haitian migrants. The Haitian migrant crisis pushes us to re-examine the longstanding immigration policies, practices, and laws in Canada and the U.S. These policies and practices have worked in the service of White supremacy, impacting Black migrants the most. While acknowledging the ways that the Haitian migrant crisis is used as a political means to continue Haitian dehumanization, we explore how communities can adopt a stance of refusal to assert collective autonomy.

This month’s CIARS In Conversation will open a gateway to discuss and address:

  • The resistance toward dominant global perceptions of Haitian culture, politics, and socioeconomic conditions.
  • Western complicity in creating the political and socio-economic conditions in Haiti that lead to mass migration.
  • Agency and resistance of Haitian people.

Event Recording

About the Speakers

David Delisca

Writer | Performer | Actor | Humorist | Versatile Artist | Featured in Toronto Star, CBC, Netflix

Arturo J. Viscarra

Studied Law and International relations | International Programs Manager for CHIRLA | Located in Mexico | Activist | Anti-Imperialist

Danielle Cantave MEd

Haitian born African Canadian | Educator| Community Organizer | Community Service | Multiple Award recipient

Sarah Brooks


MA Candidate | Department of SJE| CIARS Graduate Coordinator| Director of Education for TRAD

Karine Coen-Sanchez


Doctoral Candidate, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa | Multiple Award recipient

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