Research initiatives undertaken by a fore-runner to CLSEW, the Centre for the Study of Education, were focused on lifelong learning, and public reaction to educational policy. These projects were founded by Dr. D.W. Livingstone, former researcher and professor at OISE/UT. The Work and Lifelong Learning Research (WALL) and prior to it the New Approaches to Lifelong Learning Research (NALL) were cornerstone efforts.

New Approaches to Lifelong Learning Project (NALL: 1998-2004)

New Approaches to Lifelong Learning Project (NALL) logo

Work and Lifelong Learning Research (WALL: 2004-2010)

From 2004-2010, WALL aimed to help Canadians understand and benefit from the ways in which the global economy is being transformed. WALL was a part of the Initiative for the New Economy (INE) and a project of the former Centre for the Study of Education.

Funded through a grant awarded by the government of Canada’s SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), WALL complemented the work begun by the NALL (New Approaches to Lifelong Learning) research network.

WALL’s network of investigators included researchers from seven universities and more than 10 co-investigators from community groups and professional institutions across Canada. WALL also benefitted from the contributions of international advisors.

WALL endeavoured to:

  • Identify gaps in workplace training and education in Canada
  • and, Bring visibility to learning and work issues and trends.

The cumulative research generated by WALL:

  • Provides a better understanding of learning practices, processes and environments,
  • and, Contributed to the production of valuable resources for instructor training, workplace innovation and government initiatives.