Jack Quarter Student Panel

OISE Graduate Student Research Conference

Prof. Jack Quarter (1940-2019) spent his entire illustrious research, writing, practitioner, and teaching career at OISE, was one of OISE's funding faculty, and helped define the social economy from a Canadian context. For him, the social economy encompasses collective economic endeavours, such as non-profits, co-operatives, social enterprise, civic society organizations, and public-sector non-profits, including waged and volunteer work, and market and non-marketized forms of production, distribution, and exchange. In the social economy, process and product are social, socialized, and solidary, embracing formal and informal organizations functioning between and overlapping with the private and public sectors (Quarter, Mook, & Armstrtong, 2018). This panel celebrates and honours Jack Quarter's many contributions to Canada's social economy and to OISE by featuring the work of four of his former OISE graduate students or current students influenced by his work.

Chair: Marcelo Vieta

Student Panel:

  • Ushnish Sengupta
  • Elizabeth Edwards
  • Andrea Chan
  • Lisa Mychajluk
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