Welcome to Understanding Indigenous Perspectives

This set of learning modules has been created to support and inspire educators and future teachers to gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives and an appreciation of how Indigenous knowledge and worldviews can assist all learners in their educational journey. The goal of the modules is to provide an introductory grounding to key issues affecting Indigenous people in Canada as a foundation for further and deeper learning. The modules are meant to work well independent of one another (they are not sequential) but they are also complementary. Please feel free to share these resources and use them in your own work. You can assign them as required or supplementary material supporting your course that students review on their own or you can use them in the classroom. The modules include suggested activities for further application of the concepts. Everything is free and open source. Have fun!

You can find all the learning modules here.


Why is it important to understand Indigenous perspectives?

There are many reasons to embrace Indigenous perspectives and this video introduces some of them.[wp_colorbox_media url=”https://play.library.utoronto.ca/embed/k1DDOBU9yymQ” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”Watch and try to think of others.”]


Why the Muskrat?

Throughout the modules you will see the image of a muskrat. In[wp_colorbox_media url=”https://play.library.utoronto.ca/embed/Mu5tZ8D5zdHh” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”this video”] Jean-Paul Restoule explains why the muskrat was chosen to guide instructors through the modules.


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