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Navi is your source for mental health resources and now provides information on where to find general U of T information including Admissions, Housing, Financial Aid, Careers, Getting Involved and more.

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SGS Resources & Supports

U of T is full of resources to help you at every phase of your graduate student journey. The School of Graduate Studies has curated a collection of resources and supports for graduate students.

Student Life Health & Wellness

Student Life - Health & Wellness

Student Life provides a range of health services for students physical and mental health, wellness programs and information to help support students in achieving their personal and academic goals. These services are available to all University of Toronto students.

Student Mental Health Resource

Student Mental Health Resource

No matter where you are on the mental wellness continuum, from being proactive about your mental well-being to feeling stressed or needing urgent help, U of T is here to support you. We are actively engaged in your mental well-being and want to empower you to discover the resources you need to feel and do your best. Whether it’s a bad day, a break-up, a life changing event or an urgent crisis, we are always here and can help you take your first step on your mental health journey.

OISE Psychology Clinic

OISE Psychology Clinic

The OISE Psychology Clinic provides comprehensive and confidential assessment and intervention services to children and adolescents, and assessment and counselling services to adults. These services are typically provided by graduate students doing their clinical training under the supervision of faculty and staff psychologists.

The OISE Psychology Clinic provides psychological assessment and psychotherapy services to children/adolescents and adults for emotional, social, interpersonal and academic concerns.

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Grad Minds

Formed through a student initiative at the University of Toronto in September 2013, Grad Minds is now officially recognized as the Mental Health Advisory Committee of the University of Toronto Graduate Students' Union (UTGSU).

We promote well-being and provide mental health education through programs, initiatives, and events, with a focus on developing psychological resilience, personal skill development, self-care practices, and de-stigmatizing mental health problems.