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Identity, Assist, Refer Education Module

Created to strengthen the University of Toronto's systems of support for student mental health and informed by the University of Toronto Student Mental Health Strategy and Framework.

The “Identify, Assist, Refer” approach provides you with the basic skills and information needed to support people experiencing mental health challenges, whether or not they live with a mental illness.

Mindfit Student Facilitator-in-training Program

Mindfit Student Facilitator-in-training Program

Build your personal mindfulness practice, listen to experts in the field of mindfulness, and learn how to facilitate mindfulness meditation for your peers. This is a great program for students who wish to deepen their practice and share their love of mindfulness with others.

Students can sign up for 1, 2 or all 3 modules concurrently. Completion of all four modules provides students with an Introduction to Facilitating Mindfulness certificate.

U of T School of Continuing Studies

Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation

Foundations of Applied Mindfulness Meditation courses (previously Mindfulness Meditation Level A) explore the history and practices of mindfulness and mindfulness meditation, traditional and contemporary medicine, as well as case and research-based practice.

U of T School of Continuing Studies

Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation

Applied Specialization in Mindfulness Meditation courses will lead learners to apply the knowledge foundations from the Foundations in Applied Mindfulness Meditation certificate towards a more specialized application. To complete this, learners must complete any combination of four courses from the streams as noted: education, parenting and youth, contemplative arts, workplace, technology and media, therapy, embodied mind, and compassion. For learners who wish to gain more intimate knowledge of a specific subject area, it is recommended that you complete all courses from that stream.