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  • WITH OISE I CAN Create OpportunityImproving education in Mexico: OISE hosts INEE delegation
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  • WITH OISE I CAN Learn From ChildrenOISE researcher Angela Pyle investigates the relationship between play and literacy
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  • WITH OISE I CAN Advance Early LearningOISE's Atkinson Centre releases report on early childhood education in Canada
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  • WITH OISE I CAN Support Mental HealthOISE's Atkinson Centre releases report on early childhood education in Canada
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Congratulations to Scott Davies! New Canada Research Chair

Article by Marisol D'Andrea, Administrative Coordinator, OISE Research & Innovation

Scott DaviesProfessor Scott Davies holds a Canada Research Chair in 2015.  For the past 5 years he has been researching on ‘summer learning’ programs in literacy and numeracy, and throughout his career he has carried out many large scale quantitative studies of the emergence of inequalities among students from preschool to post-secondary levels.

Davies is particularly interested in looking at different determinants of student achievement in schools and trying to take a longitudinal perspective to track their progress. With the aim to identify policies that can effectively improve a variety of school outcomes, Davies’ research hopes to answer questions such as ’ how do students get off track?

How do they fall behind? How do school neighbourhoods affect levels of achievement? The end-goal of this research project is to influence policy in the area of educational equity, and help build a hub for quantitative and qualitative research on a variety of educational topics at OISE.

As a Canada Research Chair, Davies will build a data lab that can be an institutional anchor for large-scale longitudinal data research on education at OISE, especially at it relates to educational policy and equity. Overall, he hopes to inform policy decisions and make positive impacts on the lives of children and families in Canada and abroad.

SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Faculty members interested in applying for the Insight Development Grant please reach out to the Research Office at oise.research@utoronto.ca to discuss support. Funding is available for two distinct categories of scholars: established scholars and emerging scholars
Internal MRA Deadline: Noon January 29, 2016  
Sponsor Deadline: Noon February 2, 2016

Open Access Policy Compliance

We have drafted sample text for you to use in your proposal that highlights compliance to the new Open Access policy. The text can be accessed on the Research Office Blackboard site http://portal.utoronto.ca   

For more funding opportunities, please write to oise.research@utoronto.ca

The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education is Canada's largest and most research intensive faculty of education, ranking among the top 10 Faculties of Education in the world.

Our faculty members are committed to partnering with schools, communities, the non-profit sector and governments to develop and understand what works in education and human development across the lifespan.

Congratulations to SSHRC Recipients!

Congratulations to OISE Recipients of SSHRC Insight Grants, Insight Development Grants and Partnership Grants in the 2014-2015 Competitions!

Ten OISE faculty members were awarded Insight Grants, two OISE faculty members received Insight Development Grants, and two OISE faculty members were awarded Partnership Development Grants in the most recent SSHRC competitions. Their proposals offer an exciting look into new approaches to teaching, literacy and the use of digital technology, youth engagement, racial and sexual violence, the improvement of job design, occupational training, and the optimal use of specialized skills in the Canadian labour force. Read more


Our open, supportive community attracts world-class scholars to explore new perspectives and ideas that drive innovation in education.

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Dutch vice-minister of education visits OISE
Norway: Improving special needs education
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The Canada Research Chairs program is the cornerstone of Canada’s new innovation strategy. The goal of all Chairs is to advance the frontiers of knowledge within their fields, not only through their own work, but also by coordinating the efforts of other researchers within their area of expertise.

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Spotlight on Research Chairs


OISE faculty work with a huge variety of projects from early childhood development to lifelong learning with many different partners and sponsors. We share and expand our education expertise by partnering locally and worldwide on research initiativies, student and faculty exchanges, curriculum development and education consulting.

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OISE has several research centres that engage students and faculty across departamental boundaries. The centres provide unique research collaborations and also host a wide variety of talks and other events each year.

OISE Research Centres

Spotlight on Research Centres

Hear some of our faculty talk about their research at OISE

Becky Xi Chen

Transferral of language and literacy skills


Eunice Jang

Maximising information from educational assessment


Ruth Childs

Making admission to Higher Education programs more equitable