About the Project

Our researchers bring expertise in the skills central to literacy development, such as oral language and culture, and in new, cutting-edge methodological approaches, including digital media, neuroimaging, and computational analysis. 

Our goal is to generate the scientific knowledge necessary to ensure full literacy – the deep text comprehension needed to succeed in our rapidly-evolving knowledge economy – in increasingly diverse workspaces and communities. 

Ensuring Literacy Website

A team of Canadian and international scholars and industry, community and outreach partners working to bridge the many dimensions of literacy acquisition in our multicultural and digitally-connected world. The Ensuring Literacy website will tell you more about the project, the team involved, and related news & events.

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Articles highlight the impact and influence of the Ensuring Literacy project, from research articles to mainstream media.

A young boy, possibly kindergarden age, reading a book in a classroom. He notably wears large, black-rimmed glasses.

The International Bilingual Education (IBE) Project

Ensuring Full Literacy - August 11, 2021
By Becky Xi Chen, Leadership Team - U of T