Parent & Administration Interview Project

About the Project

The fundamental role of K-2 teachers is to help students learn to read successfully. However, what if the student is struggling to read? How does that affect their academic success and what is the best way to help them?

Schools can implement early phonologically based reading interventions in kindergarten. Teaching children phonological awareness (PA) is an essential practice for students to learn to read successfully.

It has been shown that PA predicts later reading ability and poor PA abilities are a marker of risk for reading difficulties later on. A key piece of this phonologically based intervention is the use of a response-to-intervention (RTI) and collaborative approach involving administrators, clinicians, and teachers.

What We Are Investigating

Accessibility and Support in French Immersion

How has the pandemic affected ones access to French Immersion resources and help when in the programme?

Socioeconomic Status and Support

How does ones socioeconomic status factor into their ability to receive adequate and timely support?

The Effect of Online Learning

How has online learning affected students, guardians, teachers, and administrators? How has it shaped learning?


1. Identify

Strengths and weaknesses of online learning.

2. Understand

English as a Second Language and literacy skills

3. Develop

Strategies and solutions to existing concerns

4. Implement

Workshop with DIVERSEcity sharing findings and goals.

Key Findings

Variable Quality of Instruction

  • Inadequate/case-dependent instruction 
  • Lack of French input
  • Insufficient homework and assessment

Lack of Standardization

  • Resources and lesson plan were teacher dependent 
  • Few indicators of progress
  • Inability to self- assess French proficiency

General Dissatisfaction with Online Learning

  • Reduced socialization and low communication with teachers
  • Too much screen time

News & Research Articles

Articles highlight the impact and influence of the Interview Project, from research articles to mainstream media.

Four children studying at a white table.

Supporting Bilingual Struggling Readers

Let's Talk: Youth Psychology Blog - 2021
By Krystina Raymond, Kathleen Hipfner-Boucher, and Xi Chen

Project Infographic

Evaluating the Strengths and Challenges of French Immersion (FI)

This infographic, hosted on Prezi, details what the Interview Project sets out to achieve, what the project investigates, methodology, key findings and what comes next.

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Project Video

A brief overview of what the Interview Project aims to achieve, investigate, its methodology, and more. Available with English and French subtitles.

ESCFI Infographic (English)

English video, script and infographic: Chloe Tsui
French video and translation: Ninon Crestois
Download the ESCFI Infographic (English) Transcript
Download the ESCFI Infographic (French) Transcript