The Centre for Educational Research on Languages and Literacies (CERLL) at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education is a hub for national and international research on issues of languages and literacies. CERLL activities and events are a collaboration between professors, Masters and PhD students, and scholars in our field.

What's New & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Grad Talks

Feb., 23rd from 4-5pm (online) 
Thi Chang Duyen Can – 
click here to register 

May, 8th from 4-5pm (online) Lindsay Cavanaugh – click here to register


CIDEC & CERLL Research Circle

Replay Dr. Yecid Ortega’s Research Circle from January, 24: “Soundscapes of the diver[city]: Understanding languages and cultures as dynamic and synergic complex systems”

Upcoming Research Circles


April., 12th from 4-5pm (online)
Dr. Anna Bartosik – click here to register

CERLL Podcast “Plurilingually Speaking” launched. 

Availaible on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcast.

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