If you are a student with a question about a class you are currently enrolled in, please contact your instructor by email or through Quercus.

If you are a current student or a student seeking information on admissions, you can direct these questions to Program Staff, who are available by email during regular working hours.  We can arrange to connect with you through Zoom or MS Teams as well.

Name Position Phone Email Address
Doug McDougall CTL Department Chair 416-978-0123 doug.mcdougall@utoronto.ca
Rob Simon Associate Chair, Student Experience 416-978-0117 rob.simon@utoronto.ca
Kathy Broad Associate Chair, Teacher Education 416-978-0197 k.broad@utoronto.ca
Bessie Giannikos Manager, Finance & Administration 416-978-0060 bessie.giannikos@utoronto.ca
Terry Louisy Coordinator, CTL Graduate Programs 416-978-0054 terry.louisy@utoronto.ca
Michelle Pon Graduate Liaison Officer - Admissions & Awards 416-978-0051 michelle.pon@utoronto.ca
Alex Andrei Application Support Specialist 416-978-0042 alex.andrei@utoronto.ca
Danny Cavanagh C&P Program Assistant, Graduate Studies 416-978-0248 danny.cavanagh@utoronto.ca
Cheryl Clarke C&P Program Assistant, Graduate Studies 416-978-0245 cherylj.clarke@utoronto.ca
Administrative/Finance Assistant, LLE
Alanna McKnight Research, Partnerships and Communications Officer, Acting 416-978-0052 alanna.mcknight@utoronto.ca
Louise Schuch Business Officer 416-978-0059 louise.schuch@utoronto.ca
Lynette Lobo Program Assistant, Practicum (Elementary) (MT) 416-978-0152 lynette.lobo@utoronto.ca
Andrea Cuellar Acting Graduate Liaison Officer, MT Program 416-978-2312 andrea.cuellar@utoronto.ca
Morgan Selvanathan Executive Assistant to the Chair 416-978-0034 morgan.selvanathan@utoronto.ca
AV Verhaeghe Editorial Assistant, Curriculum Inquiry 416-978-0050 a.verhaeghe@utoronto.ca
Mairi McKenna Edwards Coordinator, Diversity, Equity, and Student Experience mairi.mckennaedwards@utoronto.ca