Emphasis in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education

The SMT Emphasis is dedicated to exploring theory, practice and contemporary issues pertaining to science, mathematics and technology (SMT) education in diverse settings and contexts. We are a vibrant community of scholars and graduate students that thrive on collegiality, intellectual debate, critical analyses and inquiry.

Drawing on research and practice, we explore and critique innovative science, mathematics and technology education, while supporting research, curriculum development, and teaching. With strong connections to the SMT Centre, and the collaborative engineering education program, we invite you to join us and engage deeply with topics such as STEM,  mathematics pedagogy, equity, inclusion, diversity, activism, and social and environmental justice. 

How to Participate in the Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Emphasis

It is not necessary to formally enrol in the Emphasis, nor do you need to declare in advance your intention to pursue the Emphasis. If you are a student in the Curriculum & Pedagogy program (C&P) in CTL you are eligible to have a C&P program Emphasis by simply completing three or more courses from the Emphasis course list. Once you successfully pass these courses, contact your program administrator in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and request credit for satisfying the Emphasis requirements. This request must be made prior to graduation. Please note that not all courses are offered each year and that a course can only be used to satisfy the requirements of a single Emphasis.

Students in the SMT Education Emphasis are expected to take three or more courses.


  • Dr. Clare Brett
  • Dr. Carol-Ann Burke
  • Dr. Michelle Dubek
  • Dr. Wanja Gitari
  • Dr. Jim Hewitt
  • Dr. Ron Lancaster
  • Dr. Cathy Marks Krpan
  • Dr. Doug McDougall
  • Dr. Erminia Pedretti
  • Dr. Mary Reid

Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Courses


Course Name Course Code
Holistic Education Approaches in Elementary School Mathematics CTL1116H
Gaining Confidence in Mathematics: Reconstructing Mathematics Knowledge and Overcoming Anxiety (K-8) CTL1119H
Effective Teaching Strategies in Elementary Mathematics Education: Research and Practice CTL1120H
Mathematics in the School Curriculum: Elementary CTL1202H
Teaching and Learning Science CTL1206H
Teaching and Learning about Science: Issues and Strategies in Science, Technology, Society and Environment (STSE) Education CTL1207H
Current Issues in Science and Technology Education CTL1209H
Curriculum Making in Science: Some Considerations in the History, Philosophy and Sociology of Science CTL1212H
Equity Issues in Science Education CTL1214H
Teaching and Learning about Science and Technology: Beyond Schools CTL1215H
Teacher Leadership in Science, Mathematics & Technology Education CTL1216H
Integrating Science, Mathematics and Technology Curricula CTL1217H
Culture and Cognition in Mathematics, Science and Technology CTL1218H
Making Secondary Mathematics Meaningful CTL1219H
Education for Human Goals Local and Global: How is Science Education Helping? CTL1221H
Environmental Studies in Science, Mathematics & Technology Education CTL1222H
Activist Science & Technology Education CTL1223H
Curriculum Issues in Science Education CTL1224H
Computers in the Curriculum CTL1606H
Constructive Learning and Design of Online Environments CTL1608H
Educational Applications of Computer-Mediated Communication CTL1609H
Research Seminar in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education CTL1841H