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Migration to the Drupal CMS

OISE’s web presence encompasses dozens of websites totaling nearly 4,800 pages, located across five systems that are aged, unsupported, and failing. The systems depend on a number of underpinning components that make up the content management systems at OISE that are also between 11-19 years old and have become obsolete. The need to migrate from the existing OISE CMS was determined half a decade ago, when the limitations of the current, custom-built for OISE content management system were identified. 

The pressing need to modernize OISE’s web presence was heightened during a power outage at the OISE building last year that took OISE’s on-site, physically-hosted website offline for the duration of the outage. In order to be responsive to student recruitment needs, facilitate global outreach, and provide more reliability and ease of use, the Drupal Content Management System (CMS), a cloud-based platform, was selected following consultations with the OISE community and an evaluation of several other systems to host OISE’s redesigned web presence.

Migration Plan 

The OISE Drupal CMS and web template is now in place after close collaboration with OISE Communications and Education Commons on its implementation, based on previous community consultations. With these required components in place, migration from the failing OISE CMS to the new OISE Drupal CMS is needed. Information on these pages outline what the migration may look like and what you may need to do to get ready for it.

Migration Timelines: May 2022 – December 2023

Migration timelines are set out based on the urgency to address unreliable infrastructure and the urgent need to utilize modern web tools for student recruitment and retention. 

Academic Departments
May – December 2022

Researcher sites,
Administrative Offices

January – December 2023

OISE web migration completed
December 15, 2023

View the migration plan. This outlines the timeline, responsibilities, pre-migration tasks, and training checkpoints for the migration process.

OISE Website Technical Standards

These standards outline the fundamental requirements for websites hosted by OISE.

The purpose of OISE web technical standards is to establish the OISE web presence in adherence with legislated requirements, which follow U of T policies on security and branding, to create a cohesive OISE web presence that ensures community identity that is underpinned by approved OISE infrastructure.  

View the Website Standards

Drupal Migration Principles

These principles will establish the prioritization framework for migration of OISE websites from the legacy platform to the new Drupal CMS.

View Core Principles & Migration Options

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