Summer Institute 2011 - Early Learning in Ontario: From Policy to Implementation

June 1, 2011

The early learning atmosphere in Ontario includes a number of significant policy changes that have created new opportunities and new challenges. Examples include moving the jurisdictional responsibility for early learning and child care to the Ministry of Education, a new regulatory body for early childhood educators, the expansion of degree programs in early learning, the unionization of early childhood educators and a blend of the teaching and early learning profession.

The 8th Summer Institute on Early Childhood Development addressed how these changes impact early learning professionals and focus on relationships amongst families and professionals that involve practitioners, colleges and universities, professional associations and government.


Open Remarks

Jenny Jenkins and Olivia Nuamah

Research to Inform Development of Effective Public Preschool Programs

Ellen Frede and Steve Barnett

Panel Discussion: Building Minds for Collaboration

Carl Corter (facilitator), Jenny Jenkins, Janette Pelletier, Sue Makin, and Patricia Chorney Rubin

Securing the Future for our Children: Preschool Excellence Initiative

Linda Lowther


Children, Their Families and Community Supports: What the Research Tells Us

Jenny Jenkins and Janette Pelletier

Merging Early Learning Knowledge and Practice: Lessons from the Ground

Patricia Chorney Rubin, Early Learning Teams

Public Health & Early Childhood Education: Partnership Possibilities Through Child & Family Centres

Sue Makin

Panel Discussion: Moving the Vision Forward Through Local Leadership

Jane Bertrand (facilitator), Elaine Baxter-Trahair, Anne Biscaro, and Catherine Fife

Closing Remarks & Awards Presentation

Michael Cooke and Patricia Chorney Rubin


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