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Krystle Phirangee

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning


Krystle Phirangee, PhD is an Educational Developer, Assessment and Online Learning for the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC) and Sessional Lecturer at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). She has Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sociology, a Bachelor of Education, and a Master of Education in Educational Technology from York University. Krystle also has a PhD in Educational Technology from the Department of Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning at OISE, which focused on inclusive pedagogy (i.e., a sense of community) and online learning. She has successfully published her research in various journals and currently reviews for several scholarly journals. 

Academic Positions

  • Sessional Lecturer
    University of Toronto/OISE , CTL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Jan 2021 - Present
  • Educational Developer, Assessment and Online Learning
    University of Toronto-Scarborough, Centre for Teaching and Learning, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Oct 2021 - Present

Scholarly & Creative Works

  • ZOOMing into a Community: Exploring Various Teaching Practices to Help Foster Sense of Community and Engagement in Emergency Remote Teaching.
    2021, Journal of Teaching and Learning with Technology
    Bakir, N. & Phirangee, K.
  • Learning management system and course influences on student actions and learning experiences.
    2020, Education Tech Research Dev
    Demmans Epp, C., Phirangee, K., Hewitt, J., & Perfetti, C.A.
  • “Think twice: exploring the effect of reflective practices with peer review on reflective writing and writing quality in computer-science education,”
    2019, Reflective Practice
    Demmans Epp, C., Akcayir, G., & Phirangee, K.
  • “Exploring mobile tool integration: Design activities carefully or students may not learn,”
    2019, Contemporary Educational Psychology
    Demmans Epp, C., & Phirangee, K.
  • “Student Perspectives on the Role of the Instructor in Face-to-Face and Online Learning,”
    2018, International Journal of Information and Education Technology
    Després-Bedward, A., Avery, T.L., & Phirangee, K.
  • Talk with Me: Student Pronoun Use as an Indicator of Discourse Health
    2017, Journal Learning Analytics
    Demmans Epp, C., Phirangee, K., & Hewitt, J.
  • Student Actions and Community in Online Courses: The Roles Played By Course Length and Facilitation Method.
    2017, Online Learning
    Demmans Epp, C., Phirangee, K., & Hewitt, J.
  • 2017, IAmLearning: Mobilizing and Supporting Educator Practice
    Demmans Epp, C., Phirangee, K., Després–Bedward, A., & Wang, L.
  • Othering in Online Learning: An Examination of Social Presence, Identity, and Sense of Community
    2017, Distance Education
    Phirangee, K. & Malec, A.
  • Students’ Perceptions of Learner-Learner Interactions that Weaken a Sense of Community in an Online Learning Environment
    2016, Online Learning Journal
    Phirangee, K.
  • Exploring the Relationships Between Facilitation Methods, Students’ Sense of Community and Their Online Behaviours
    2016, Online Learning Journal
    Phirangee, K., Demmans Epp, C., & Hewitt, J.
  • Loving this dialogue!!!!: Expressing emotion through the strategic manipulation of limited non-verbal cues in online learning environments.
    2016, Emotions, technology, and learning (S. Y. Tettegah & M. P. McCreery Eds.)
    Phirangee, K., & Hewitt, J.
  • Polysynchronous: Dialogic construction of time in online learning.
    2013, Journal of E-Learning and Digital Media
    Oztok, M., Wilton, L., Lee, K., Zingaro, D., MacKinnon, K., Makos, A., Phirangee, K., Brett, C., & Hewitt, J.
  • Beyond the Elementary Classroom Walls: Exploring the Ways Participation within Web 2.0 Spaces are Reshaping Pedagogy
    2013, Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
    Phirangee, K.
  • Log On: Exploring Web 2.0 Technologies in the Elementary Classroom.
    Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Refereed Conference Proceedings.
    Phirangee, K.

Research Interests

Krystle's research focuses on 
Inclusive pedagogy 
Online/Digital learning
Sense of community
Social-emotional behaviour in an online learning environment 
Student-student interactions in an online learning environment 

Teaching Interests

Current courses being taught:
CTL1617 Social Media and Education
CTL1608 Constructive Learning and Design of Online Environments