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Michelle Grace-Williams

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning


Dr. Michelle Grace-Williams is currently an instructor and Faculty Advisor in the MT program at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) where she teaches Anti-Discriminatory Education, Literacy, and Intermediate English courses to Teacher Candidates. For 25 years she has contributed to the field of education through high school teaching in Jamaica, her home country, and teaching in K-12 schools and universities in the U.S. and Canada. She is passionate about social justice in education and disrupting racism and other forms of discrimination.

Academic Positions

  • Lecturer
    University of Toronto/OISE, MT Sep 2018 - Present

Scholarly & Creative Works

  • “They never told us that Black is beautiful”: Fostering Black joy and Pro-Blackness pedagogies in early childhood classrooms.
    2022, Journal of Early Childhood Literacy
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • “Who feels it knows it”: Black mothers’ resistance to anti-Black racism in North American K-12 Schools
    2022, Re/humanizing education (E. Lyle Ed)
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • Scripting myself into white male-dominated academic spaces: A Black Feminist perspective on decolonizing the university.
    2020, Sister Scholars: Untangling issues of identity as women in academe (E. Lyle & S. Manani Eds.)
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • Challenging Racism: Developing Children’s Critical Racial Literacy.
    2020, Teaching tough topics: How do I use children’s literatureto build a deeper understanding of social justice, equity, and diversity? (L. Swartz Ed)
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • How to inspire Black youth in America using counterspace pedagogy.
    2018, Black History Bulletin
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • Making my invisible story visible: An Afro-Caribbean teacher’s perspective on teacher education and diversity in the United States.
    2016, Dreaming of a place called home: Local and international perspectives on teacher education and school diversity (G. Wiggan Ed)
    Grace-Williams, M.
  • Amy Ashwood Garvey: The Girl Who Found Her Voice.
    Grace-Williams, M. and Wiggan, G.
  • Joel Augustus Rogers
    Grace-Williams, M. and Wiggan, G.

Research Interests

Her research interests include anti-discriminatory teaching, critical pedagogies, decolonizing education, critical teacher preparation, Black students and faculty experiences in the academy, Black women and mothers as advocates, racial literacies, African Diaspora literacies, and critical arts-based research and pedagogy.

Teaching Interests

CTL7009H: Anti-Discriminatory Education                                                               
CTL1011H: Anti-Oppressive Education in School Settings
CTL 7085: Issues in Literacy
CTL7000H: Curriculum in Literacy Teaching
CTL 7050H: Intermediate English