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Rebecca Hughes

Department of Curriculum, Teaching & Learning
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Dr. Hughes’ current research is focused on critical media literacy and gender studies. In her present work teaching literacy and technology (CTL7000, CTL7016), Dr. Hughes leads students in a critical examination of issues in literacy, including the role of media in challenging gender inequity. Her critical arts-based research course (CTL1099) draws on her cross-disciplinary doctoral research that utilized institutional ethnography (IE) as a method of inquiry to examine homeless individuals' unique health care challenges and barriers to medical and behavioural health care (primary care, substance use, mental health).

Scholarly & Creative Works

  • “Once you shop, you can’t stop”: Are big-brand companies producing games for girls, or girls themselves?
    2021, Gender and Education
    Hughes, R.
  • The Interpretive Imagination Forum: A hermeneutic tagging technique and instructional tool for conducting collaborative video research across the social sciences and humanities
    2016, International Journal of Online Pedagogy and Course Design
    Cooper, K., Hughes, R., & Shamji, A.
  • Thick narratives: Mining implicit, oblique, and deeper understandings in analyzing videotaped research data.
    2015, Qualitative Health Research
    Cooper, K. & Hughes, R.
  • Are institutional health policies exclusionary?
    2014, Qualitative Health Research
    Hughes, R.
  • How does organisational literacy impact access to health care for homeless individuals?
    2014, Health Care Analysis
    Hughes, R.
  • ). A review and analysis of STEM education: A report for the Ontario Ministry of Education
    2018, Centre for Science, Math and Technology Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
    Dubek, M., Reid, M., Hughes, R., Ibrahim Khan, S., Phillips, C., & Wilton, L.
  • But at what price free? And at what price mediocrity?
    2023, Beyond Media Literacy. (L. Grabbe, A. McLuhan, & T. Held Eds.)
    Hughes, R.
  • Failing Our daughters: Teenage girl attempted suicide, COVID and the broken Canadian mental healthcare system
    2022, Are the kids alright? The impact of the pandemic on children and their families. (L. Ennis Ed)
    Vandenbeld Giles, M. & Hughes, R.
  • Citizen documentary: A method to document and mobilize social justice research
    2019, Critical issues in education: Citizen Documentary in the Digital Age.
    Hughes, R.
  • No fixed address: Explicating the everyday health challenges of women living in an emergency homeless shelter.
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    R. Hughes
  • Methodology In Action: Institutional Ethnography
    2015, Five Research Contexts for Understanding Interpretive and Critical Inquiry. (K. Cooper Ed)
    Hughes, R.
  • Critical issues in education: Citizen Documentary in the Digital Age
    Cooper, K., & Hughes, R.